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    I Blame It On All The Walking

    Monday, July 12, 2010

    We're always hungry.

    I don't mean "hungry" in the sense that the children and I are sometimes in need of small amounts of nourishment. I mean "hungry" in that "put us in front of a full course meal and after we're done we may ask for more" way.

    We're thirsty all the time, too.

    I swear it has to do with all the walking we do around the city. We've never had to walk to get to every place imaginable. It's a wonderful thing, don't misunderstand. Exercise is never bad. Neither is taking a slower route to get where you need to be. It really redefines stopping to smell the roses.

    This significant increase in our appetites, however, have made us slaves to food.

    Thankfully there's tons more walking to work off all of it. Ha!

    During our daily outings the children and I explore the side streets of our neighborhood in Higashi Azabu. We've traveled by subway to locations much further out as well. More recently, we've begun branching out into the side streets of Roppongi and Roppongi Hills.

    We've discovered a little bit of everything. Yes, this does include food. The Japanese have a fondness for the cuisine from other countries.

    Last week we were caught in the middle of an impending rainstorm while playing near Roppongi Hills. It had all the makings of something very nasty: dark skies, fierce winds, threatening rain drops.

    Making our way down a street filled with cafes, Starbucks, and smaller Japanese restaurants, I caught a whiff of a very recognizable scent.


    Something that made me think of home. It was the unmistakable smell of fresh baked pastries.

    French pastries and breads, to be exact.


    We were welcomed into a warmly lit bakery that didn't quite look like a transplanted cafe from Paris, but the food was most definately authentic.


    Eldest, the wee one, and I took in the delicious treats, inhaling their buttery, rich smells.



    They had both savory and sweet treats. What did you expect us to do when faced with such a thing?

    A tray and some tongs later, we left the boulangerie with a bag in hand, and the re-emergence of the sun.



    Coincidence? Perhaps.

    Our spirits were certainly lighter, and the food? Well, let's just say we ran back today in celebration of our first month in Tokyo.

    And I do mean ran.

    Mont-Thabor, you are a precious gem to us.


    Not only are your foods simply decadent and scrumptious, you're super affordable.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for having this corner spot in Tokyo.

    The children love you, and so do I.

    You make walking to see you all the more sweet!

    Now go and enjoy these sweet pictures, y'all.









    Are you hungry yet?

    4 Responses to “
    I Blame It On All The Walking

    Ruth said...

    Yes I am. And I am adding this to my list

    JMW said...

    Those pastries look amazing! It's great how you and the kids are embracing this new adventure and navigating the city each day, finding wonderful, new places.

    Jen said...

    Am I hungry yet?? Ummm... YES!! My tummy started growling as soon as I saw these delicious goodies!! Send some my way? ;-)

    sara said...

    I'm not just hungry, I'm salivating! I love reading all of your all's adventures - I feel like we are right there with you, enjoying all of the sights and sounds!