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    She's Been Accepted!

    Thursday, July 29, 2010

    My apologies for taking so long to get this post to you all. I was having a little trouble getting the pictures from Husband's iPhone to open. They weren't converting properly or something like that.

    Maybe I'm not the most tech savvy gal out there, but after about two weeks I did figure it out.


    Since I have, we can move on to more important things-the decision y'all have been waiting for...

    And I will get to it if you can bear with me for just a bit longer.

    The search for the right school for eldest has been a long, rigorous, and at times extremely frustrating task. Perhaps this is what's made the final decision such a sweet and rewarding one.

    We applied to three schools that were all highly recommended. All three were could proudly boast about their top-notch educations, both within Japan and across the globe.

    They were: Nishimachi, The International School of the Sacred Heart (ISSH), and The American School In Japan (ASIJ).

    The whole process was much like applying for college: besides filling out application forms, there were recommendations needed from teachers both past and present. Test scores were required, there were entrance tests to be taken, and all of this was before we were contacted for interviews.


    We knew eldest would find a place at a great school, we just didn't know which one it would be. The waiting game was not fun. Unlike the schools in the US, and again, much like college, applicants aren't guaranteed a spot in the schools they apply to.

    Husband deepened my concerns when he said that the children of partners in the firm had been turned away. They had pull, right? And weren't we told in some cases that it was who you knew? This totally stuck in my craw. I was really, really, really bothered by the idea that politics could affect where my daughter could go to school.


    I realized the Japanese school environments were much more competitive than most in the US, but I wasn't prepared for the emotional response the entire process elicited from myself and Husband. You would have thought we were the one's applying.

    Eldest didn't seem to mind it. She loved the interviews and reading her recommendations. For her it was a walk in the park. She thought it was so cool!

    The entire process was a positive learning experience for her and for that, we couldn't be happier.


    This was about her, after all, and if she was fine, I could be fine.

    We could be fine.

    Prayer helped to ease my mind, so did knowing who we were talking about.

    This was our daughter.

    Why were we worried? We knew that any of those schools would be fortunate to have her. Not only did she have a good head on her shoulders and terrific grades, but she's unique. Her personality shines, her smile is contagious. She has a good heart as well as a good mind.

    She's something pretty special...

    And apparently all of the schools she applied to agreed.

    She was accepted to each and every one!!

    *Cue a joyous dance*

    To say we were relieved that the process of being accepted was over would be an understatement. But more than that, we were elated for our daughter. Eldest's hard work over the past few years had paid of big time. Most importantly, she was happy. So very, very happy.

    We did have one last hurtle, though.

    Now that eldest had been accepted to all three schools we had to decide which one she would attend.

    Enter the long dramatic sigh, and pause.

    This part wasn't difficult, just a little time consuming. It meant waiting until we were in Tokyo so we could tour the schools. We wanted to walk the campuses with eldest, allowing her to get a feel for the schools. It was very important that we had her thoughts as we weighed our decisions.


    I'll spare you all the rigmarole of our various tours~it took another month to fit all 3 schools in, and by the end it came down to Nishimachi and ASIJ. This may shock some of you. I was really pulling hard for Sacred Heart.

    It was my school for 15 years in New Orleans. I knew the quality education eldest would receive, I knew that her Faith would be integrated into her everyday lessons. She'd learn and begin to appreciate the bonds of sisterhood, leaving ISSH a more prepared young lady.

    Still...a few things really rubbed me the wrong way. It was specific to this particular school and is in no way a reflection of my experiences at Sacred Heart or the other Rosaries around the world. I won't go into it beyond that.

    In any case, we debated, we discussed, we hemmed and hawed. What it ultimately came down to though~and all 3 of us agreed on this~was where eldest would receive not only a great education, but the most well-rounded one. An education that would value the importance of core-curriculum, as well as athletics and the arts.

    We wanted her to have the best of all three worlds and only one school offered it up in spades.

    So are you ready for the big decision?


    That's right! To the shock of quite a few, we all agreed that the American School in Japan was going to be the best fit for eldest. Feel free to check out this magnificent school for yourself. It's right here.

    That she's still talking about it weeks after our visit only confirms that this decision was the right one.

    Eldest loves the school and we were very pleased by all it had to offer. That it's ranked as one of the best international schools in the world doesn't hurt either. Husband and I agree that the pains we endured during this process were completely worth it. Looking at eldest's delighted face when we mention ASIJ, knowing she'll be happy there, makes it all worth it.

    So what's next?

    Orientation, learning the right bus stop for eldest, getting her iPhone, purchasing school supplies, and so much more I'm sure I'm forgetting.

    Before we know it, the first day of school will be here!

    Can I get an "Amen" that at least we now know which school eldest will be attending?

    Amen, Amen, Amen!

    And with that friends, I'm off to eat something sugary and sweet (and no, it's not the wee one!).

    Good night all, and thanks for your patience. Thank you for your support, your encouragement, and to all the teachers who had a hand in helping our sweet girl along this path, many heartfelt thanks for giving of yourself and your time.

    It really made all the difference!

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    She's Been Accepted!

    JMW said...

    Congratulations to your daughter! I'm sure you and your hubby are so proud. It's good that she's happy about the school and looking forward to the new year.

    Ruth said...

    I am glad she is so happy with the pick. It looks like a gorgeous campus.
    Hugs to the best niece in the world.