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    Tattered And Torn

    Tuesday, July 6, 2010

    This is all that is left of a yellow blanket.


    It was eldest's baby blanket. It was also the wee one's. He adored it. He slept under its soft, downy cover since the day he was brought home from the hospital.

    Every night as part of his bedtime routine he would lay down and wait for one of us to lay it across his back so he could settle in for the night.

    This evening our washing machine tore it to bits and pieces.

    It was completely and totally destroyed.

    Tiny, fluffy yellow tufts clung to everything in the washer. And as I gently pulled the remains of this precious blanket from the machine, it continued to disintegrate.

    It fell to pieces before my very eyes.

    I know it's only a blanket.

    But it was my babies blanket. I wasn't ready to put it away. But I was hoping to put it away someday with the intention of keep it safe until someone else needed it.

    What it is now can barely be called a blanket.

    All that's left is a rough, threadbare covering.

    And as it continued to unravel, leaving tiny parts of itself all over the floor, I knew it had to be thrown away.

    There was no salvaging it.

    Throwing away my children's blanket was a very hard thing to do. There were so many memories attatched to it-all of them quiet and peaceful, when my little ones were at their most content and safe.

    It tore at my heart just like that damned machine tore at the soft yellow chenille.

    I cried. I may do it again.

    Call me a sap, it's true. I'm a sentimental gal, and to see something so precious ripped to shreds really got to me.

    Tonight the wee scallywag is nestled under his sheets-sans blanket-and he's doing just fine.

    Still...I think I may need to find another little blanket for him. Just so I do have that sunny yellow something to put away for someone else, and fill that tiny hole in my heart.

    3 Responses to “
    Tattered And Torn

    Ruth said...

    That is so sad!!! Sending hugs.

    davesanngel said...

    Oh Beth! What a wretched outcome! I'm not attached to this event at all and it makes me sad.

    Is there any chance at all that a blanket just like the destroyed one is available anywhere? If there's anything I can do to facilitate the delivery of a new blanket, please let me know!

    sara said...

    Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that! I don't blame you for crying over it, I would have, as well.