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    We're Having A Dinner Party And You're Invited

    Sunday, July 18, 2010

    Welcome! We're preparing for this evening's dinner party and I thought it would cool to share in the fun.

    Grab a glass of wine and join me, will you?


    I love an excuse to have a gathering in our home. Small or large, we enjoy preparing the meal, setting our table, and selecting the music. We enjoy the company.

    For me the adult interaction is also very important. As a stay at home mother, I spend most of my waking hours in the company of my children. They're terrific companions and I love all the moments we share together. But it's also nice to have slightly more adult conversations that don't revolve around crayons, children's shows, and summer assignments.

    What parent can't relate?

    Tonight we'll be playing host to a few of Husband's co-workers, who also happen to be good friends. I've never met them, neither has eldest, and two of the girls are new to the Tokyo office. I think we can all sympathize, and we'll enjoy sharing stories of our moves and adjustments.

    I thought since it's our first real gathering, I'd invite you along as we prepared.

    We'll have some lovely flowers for our vase, welcoming our guests,


    and serve our meal on simple white dishes. Ikea kind of rocks, no?


    Come and take a look at tonight's menu: asparagus and parmesan risotto stuffed peppers, mustard and thyme chicken, green beans with goat cheese, tomatoes, and almonds.

    What do you think? Should we capture the memory of this meal with pictures?

    Yes? I think so, too!

    When we bring our plates to the table to eat we'll set them down on some lovely, and warm orange linen place mats.

    Go ahead and set your glass down. Sit with me for a moment.


    A burst of summer sun orange adds the perfect punch of color for our simple table arrangement. Thank goodness we already had this on hand. I like using what we have, even if what we have is still little.

    Can I tell you how excited I am that our sea shipment should arrive in the next few weeks?

    I'm almost as excited as relaxing in our chairs after dinner with coffee and a few sweet treats from Mont~Thabor.


    My creation

    Thanks for helping me set up for the evening.

    Now the important question: would you like to stay for dinner?

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    We're Having A Dinner Party And You're Invited

    Ruth said...

    Have fun at the first dinner party in Japan.

    love ya