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    A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

    Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    With the beginning of Eldest's school year almost here, it's not too surprising that our thoughts have been filled with memories of home.

    ~Last year was the first time we were all in attendance for Eldest's first day of school. Ever. It's sad and ridiculous and I still harbor a grudge against Husband's firm for having him out of town every year at that time. We knew fourth grade would be our last year State-side, however, so we made it a priority to make sure everyone was in attendance.


    ~I'm happy to say Husband will be here for Eldest's first day of fifth grade. He'll walk with us to her bus stop by the Russian Embassy. Just one more week of summer vacation friends...

    ~I miss the heavily tree-lined roads in Dilworth. The wee one and I would spend every school day afternoon running around them. Even on the hottest of days, the shade kept things bearable.


    ~Eldest's friends began fifth grade yesterday. It's incredible to me that my oldest child is old enough to be in fifth grade. Please, sweet girl, let us slow this year down so we can savor it.


    You're growing up so fast!

    ~Because St. Patrick's began yesterday, I thought back to our final gathering with friends.







    It was very nice and very fun. We were very blessed to know some of the most kind and generous people while living in Charlotte. We miss them dearly. Thank you all for making every moment so special!

    ~It was decided about three weeks ago that Eldest needed an entire new wardrobe for school. Oh happy day! We finally placed that order yesterday. Soon, sweet girl will have her new clothes to play with as she prepares for school each day.

    Back To School:Tokyo

    PS-They are finally making appropriate looking clothes for young girls who are still in their tomboy stage. All that's needed still is a stylish Longchamp's tote and some cute loafers. Preppy tomboy chic. Eldest is going to start fifth grade in style!

    ~The wee one needs a haircut in the worst way. We tried our hand at a home-cutting, but the results were...less than desirable. Think bowl hair gone wild and seriously bad. Throw in a few strands that we couldn't cut and you may have an idea of how the wee one has been looking these days.


    We've been styling it like crazy as it's grown out. Poor little guy. He just doesn't like anyone messing with the hair on his head.

    ~I love haricot verts with sauteed shallots. It is, in a word, divine.


    Not to mention super easy to prepare!

    ~I've been dreaming of Fall clothes, too. Such as these lovely morsels:

    ann tayloroutfit1

    ann tayloroutfit2

    ann tayloroutfit

    I love Ann Taylor. Feminine, sophisticated, chic. Each of these ensembles would be so easy to wear out and about in Tokyo.

    ~We're off to the immigration office this morning to get things settled with our Visas. Friends, it's going to be a three cups of coffee kind of day.

    ~I'm thankful said coffee has already been made and waiting to be enjoyed while the wee one eats his oatmeal.

    A wonderful Thursday morning (or Wednesday night) to you all!

    4 Responses to “
    A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

    Ruth said...

    I love her choices. So her!! I can't wait to see pictures of her in them.

    And i love the first outfit you put up for you. hmm!!

    Lori Ellen said...

    I think I speak for the internet at large when I say, we are gonna need the recipe for the haricot verts & shallots!

    Meg said...


    I must say I am a little jealous of Maddie's outfits, especially the LongChamp! I should be reborn a Quon!


    Anna said...

    I love the photo of your son trucking down the sidewalk. I miss the tottering trots of little ones.

    And. Fall wardrobes. Aren't there beautiful styles coming out this year? So chic.