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    We're Here!!

    Tuesday, August 10, 2010

    Good morning all!

    When I first began writing this, it was a rainy, muggy day. We're all longing for Fall, so any excuse to bundle up indoors with hot tea or coffee and delicious oatmeal was welcome. In my book it made for a perfect Monday morning!

    I put my computer back up, snuggled my two children, and we played, played, played.

    Now it's Wednesday, the sun and heat have returned with a vengeance, and we're preparing for the Super Bowl party we're throwing on Sunday. No, you didn't misunderstand. We're hosting a football gathering for our fellow friends and ex-pats.

    Chez Quon is quickly becoming the party spot, and you know what? We're enjoying it.

    We're sorting out our sea shipment still.


    It's all been organized, but we're trying to decide where to hang the art, how to arrange the books. Fun things.


    I'm being serious.


    I love the organization process. I'm an order junkie.


    Of course, there's the clothes debacle that we won't know the outcome for until Friday. One of our movers thought it would be a smart idea to pack the detergents in the wardrobe box with my fall/winter clothes and an oil painting. The good news? The painting is fine, and the clothes that could be washed look brand new.


    The bad...well, the frame is ruined, several books in another box were beyond repair, and my dry-clean only clothes...I'm not very optimistic.

    The moving company has accepted all responsibility, thank goodness, and will reimburse us for any bills or compensate should the clothes be ruined beyond repair. There is a silver lining in the situation, and all things considered, it could have been much worse.

    In other news Husband's iPhone 4 came in so guess who has her own iPhone now?


    Eldest couldn't be happier!

    Here's the thing...without getting onto a soapbox, I'll say I'm normally against children owning cell phones. But this isn't about her getting one because Suzy St. James has one. The schools in Tokyo ask that children carry a cell phone on their person. It's as essential as pencils and notebooks, and strictly for safety purposes.

    When earthquakes occur the schools shut down for 24 hours, making it impossible for children to get home or for parents to come and get them. The schools can't very well let several hundred children use one phone to call their families, thus the need for cell phones.

    Eldest knows why she has a phone. She knows there are rules and responsibilities that go along with it, and I know she'll follow them to the "t". Personally, I feel comforted knowing she could get in touch if necessary. Her school is not near-by and in an unfamiliar city where English isn't the primary language, this was an instance where I could see a cell phone being a valuable asset.

    For the first time I've seen the other side of the cell phone argument, and with that, I'll step down from my soapbox (which I said I wasn't going to get on in the first place).

    We're all tech-ed up in this family now. It's a little strange, but in some instances, necessary, so I won't complain!

    We're loving our new coffee maker,


    and we're especially loving the coffee it's been brewing every morning. We adults couldn't be happier with the flavors and scents of home.


    Eldest has been enjoying her books,


    and the wee scallywag has been loving his play area behind his Daddy's desk.


    He's such a great and unexpected helper!



    How Husband's firm survives without his knowledge and expertise is beyond me.

    We've been enjoying our city more and more, though recently the heat has made it a little undesirable to wander too far from home.

    We have had a bit of excitement though...




    More on that very soon!

    Have a lovely Wednesday all. I'm off to grab another cup of coffee and chat with my sweet girl while the scallywag naps.


    2 Responses to “
    We're Here!!

    JMW said...

    Wow, it's well into Wednesday there! Glad to see that things are going well. I can totally relate to enjoying the organzing part of a move. I've loved placing books, photos and other decor items on the shelves. Can't wait to hear about the excitement going on in the city - hope you're staying safe at home!

    Also, thanks for asking about my mom. She left the hospital July 29 and is now doing out-patient therapy. She's making progress and we thank God each day for our miracle.

    Ruth said...

    Can't wait to hear more about the excitment and the party.

    And don't worry most of us over here aren't getting out much either. The heat is unbearable.