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    Happy Fall, Y'all!!

    Wednesday, September 22, 2010

    I love moments of total serendipity. With children they happen constantly. It really does keep your life filled with laughter and levity.


    Take this morning, for instance. It's the first day of Fall and even though Halloween things are popping up everywhere, all I wanted to do to celebrate this wondrous day was enjoy a nice bowl of caramel corn.


    I wanted to put it in a festive bowl-this ikat one courtesy of Anthropolige and my incredible Fairy Dishmother (in-law), Frieda-then share the yumminess with you all.

    And then I was going to enjoy every. Last. Bite.

    Well! Apparently I wasn't the only one who wanted to devour this little snack.


    Hmmm...who does this precious hand belong to?


    I can only imagine. That innocent look is only going to get you so far, buddy-boy! Ha!

    The scallywag was obviously in need of a sugar fix and the moment the bowl hit the chair cushions


    he was all over it...


    and all in it!


    Never before have I enjoyed not getting to eat my caramel corn more!

    The two of us sat together, taking turns eating our delicious treat while it rested on the chair. And before we knew it, it was completely




    Our tummies and spirits, on the other hand, were completely full.


    Happy first day of Fall, y'all!

    4 Responses to “
    Happy Fall, Y'all!!

    Ruth said...

    Happy First Day of Fall!
    It is still in the upper 90s here. I might have to pull out a lightweight sweater and boots to wear tomorrow anyways. I am so ready for sweater season.

    JMW said...

    I wish it really felt like fall - what's the weather like there? Still in the mid-90s and dry here. Ugh, bring on the crisp, cool weather!

    Val said...

    Very cute - both the classy bowl, and the adorable little man eating from it. Happy to just discover your blog!

    paula said...

    laughter and caramel popcorn? I think I need a bit of both right now :)