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    I'm A Fool For Fall

    Wednesday, September 1, 2010

    Yesterday was September 1st, and the school sent home letters about the Mustang's football season as well as homecoming in October.

    mustangscourtsey of pamela murray

    Image courtesy of Pamela Murray ASIJ parent

    We've been using our monogrammed plates in warm shades of orange and tan to spice up our meals,


    and Starbucks Tokyo debuted their first Autumnal drink. Crème Brûlée Latte anyone?


    Fantasy football teams are being drafted,


    this weekend our Rebels will take to the field.


    and the nights in Tokyo continue to be blissfully cool. It's a definite perk to living on an island.

    Even the sunsets remind me of the upcoming season. The colors in the evening sky flicker and glow like candles in a jack o' lantern: bright, warm, beautiful.


    Football, warm, spicy drinks, cool evenings, sunsets painted in oranges, yellows, and reds...I don't know about you friends, but despite the fact that there are at least three more weeks of summer, in many ways it seems like Fall is as eager to be here as we are to see it!

    Here's hoping for a quick passage into Fall! And with those words, I'm signing off for the next couple of days.

    The family is taking a jaunt down south to Seoul where we'll take in the sights, the tastes, and the sounds of South Korea. When we return, I promise to share it all with you!

    I'll see you then.


    2 Responses to “
    I'm A Fool For Fall

    Ruth said...

    Have fun on your trip!!

    I am so ready for fall too. The cooler temps for one.

    JMW said...

    Enjoy your get-away! I'm sooo ready for fall and everything it brings with it!