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    A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

    Sunday, September 19, 2010

    As usual there are many things running around in my head! Thus the series: "A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That." This is where I'll put all of the little, random things happening in our lives. It's too little to write about individually, but altogether makes a good bit of light reading.

    It's a wonder anything has gotten done the past few days (though much has). It's all about prioritizing and making sure those who are most important never take a back seat to the errands and chores of the day.

    Some days I do better than on others, but overall, I don't tend loose any sleep at the end of day...at least due to a nagging conscience. That falls all on the shoulders of our little scallywag!

    ~I thank God every day for happy, healthy children. They're terrific people. We hit our rough spots every now and then-it kind of comes with the territory when raising both a toddler and a young lady. But more often than not, we have truly fantastic days.

    ~Eldest has had a banner week. Swimming is going well, so are her Japanese classes. She's doing beautifully in her other areas of study, and this week was able to wear an ASIJ Mustangs shirt to honor the high school football team's first game of the season.


    ~Don't be fooled by the colors on her shirt, but the colors for the Mustangs are actually black and gold. Hmmm...I wondery why we have huge love for our football team?

    ~I love that Husband and Eldest have their special time set aside for one another evrey week. Every Sunday they head to their favorite lunch spot, Pepper Lunch, for a bite to eat. They spend some great quality time together, talk, enjoy some good local food, and keep their bond strong by maintaining this "date". All relationships take work, friends.

    ~I'm watching season two of "The Vampire Diaries" and it's such a delicious vice.

    ~A not-so-delicious vice, college football. Our Rebels are not having a good season. Every Sunday I wake up to hear how poorly the team is playing and it is so disappointing. Husband's pretty annoyed, I can only imagine how Daddy is reacting, and Eldest, she's just stumped. I love my Rebels, though. They may not be a spectacular team, but they're a good bunch of people. I have faith they'll pull it together. Hotty Toddy!!!

    ~Fall is most definitely creeping in. Every day is cooler, every evening the sun goes down a bit earlier. And every day, more of these pop up at the local markets:


    I had to get some to brighten up our living room.


    ~I may have been inspired by reading through this lovely woman's book. Her section on Fall and Winter really had me yearning for home. Who doesn't love Paula Deen?


    ~Every day we spend more and more time at the local playground. The children love it!

    bebeplaysat park

    Eldest gets a chance to unwind, and the wee one wears himself out a bit more before dinner. I just thank my lucky stars that I get to watch them laugh, run, and play without a care in the world. Win, win, win!! And yes, further evidence of Fall making her debut: long shirts and pants with cute little mallards on them. Little boy critter pants are the best!

    ~The Japanese love a good party, they adore dressing up. Is it any wonder they're already preparing for Halloween? Family costume choices are being made this week. Stay tuned!


    ~Husband has the day off tomorrow, declaring it a boys day. Most of my day is wide open-a real rarity. I'll miss my baby boy and being with hubby, but I'm looking forward to eating lunch at Cafe-Creperie Le Bretagne and walking the streets of Omotesando at a more leisurely pace.

    Until then, I'm going to enjoy a little bit of Heaven on Earth: tiramisu in a cup!

    Here's hoping each of you find a little piece of Heaven on Earth today!

    4 Responses to “
    A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

    Ruth said...

    The Rebels are stumping me too. Glad Maddy is excited about her new team.
    The only signs of fall here is the sun setting sooner.

    Casey said...

    I noticed you have the Paula Deen book. Were you able to meet her when she was in Charlotte for the book signing? Michelle and I went!

    I am so glad to see everyone is happy and healthy in Tokyo, and I just love following you through your blog! Keep in touch!

    The Antiques Diva™ said...

    Gorgeous Bouquest!!!

    Anonymous said...

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