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    An Open Letter To Fall

    Thursday, September 30, 2010

    Y'all. Fall is killing me. It's absolutely KILLING me. Since it first made its most welcomed appearance, we've been bombarded with more days of rain than not.

    It's much cooler outside, true, and on those rare days of sun or cloudy skies we drink up our time outdoors. It's simply intoxicating. Apparently Fall thinks this sort of intoxication is bad for ones health, unfortunately, and has turned Tokyo into the Seattle of the Far East.

    It's crazy, y'all.

    Throw into the mix a scallywag with a 24 hour something-or-other that involved projectile vomit and yours truly suffering from some sort of lingering cold/allergy and you'll have an idea of where I've been this past week.

    Out. Of. Commission.

    We've been forced indoors for so many days now due to the incessant rain, it's becoming very tiresome. The children are climbing the walls, I'm starting to really despise clouds, and I really, really, really miss having a car.

    All of these little things have forced me to do something I've never done before. Something I thought I'd never have to do, but feel is necessary.

    I've had to write a letter to Fall to express myself. To let the season know how things are going for us. Please, go ahead and call me mad~that's all right. After the number of days I've been stuck indoors feeling unwell, I'm pretty sure I passed mad two days ago.

    I'm beyond it now. I'm writing a letter to a season, aren't I?

    In any case...

    "Dearest Fall,

    I'm afraid I'm confused. Did I offend you in some way or leave the wrong impression in my musings and thoughts? If I did, my apologies. If not...then I, along with all those who have been looking forward to your arrival, are very much in the dark.

    What is the deal?

    I was singing your ever loving praises while waiting for you. As in every other post I reverently mentioned your name. Desirously, gloriously, anxiously awaiting your return and speaking oh-so-highly of you.

    When you did deign to show up, however, you began acting like the most hostile, obnoxious house guest known to man. Even with the ever present decline of Western civilization, in this day and age who does that?

    If you were five years old, okay. I'd understand having to wait for little sister Summer to get over herself and move on-but please! You've been around for-how long now?-centuries? Grow up, stop throwing a tantrum, and get your act together or I'm going to be forced to ask you to leave, and invite your bigger, much cooler sibling, Winter, to come over.

    Fall, don't completely misunderstand. Despite my very apparent frustrations with you, this all comes from a place that holds deep affection for you. Unbelievable affection. It's such a great place, it can hold all this disappointment within it.

    After all, you have been, and will always be, my favorite season.

    Because of you, leaves change into the most amazing colors. Skies darken earlier, the air is crisp, yet inviting, apples taste so much more delicious. Boots can be worn with everything, sweaters re-emerge like butterflies from cashmere cocoons, and there's something extra special about those Starbucks drinks.

    Pumpkin patches beckon us, hayrides and football games send our spirits soaring.

    You refresh us, Fall. You take the burden and the heat of sister Summer from our shoulders and put vigour back into our steps. We breathe better, we smile more, we experience an inexplicable lightness inside of our beings that no other season can bring. Sister Spring comes pretty darn close, but let's be frank-she also brings wicked allergies along for the ride.

    We don't care for that.

    What we do care for is you. And we hope-I hope-after you read this letter you can pause in your laborious task of throwing multitudes of rainstorms and take a moment. Know how much we appreciate you; how much we anticipate your arrival every September, and how we hate to see you go each Winter.

    In short, Fall, you are loved. You've disappointed me with your antics of late, but I can forgive and forget. We've simply hit a rough patch and started this season on the wrong foot. We can move on, can't we?

    Let's do this together! I will continue to be inspired by your magical presence, and you will continue to inspire all those who love you. It seems pretty simple to me, so let's do this!

    You have many wonderful things in store for us in these next few months Fall, and I, for one, cannot wait to enjoy them all...starting tomorrow.

    Warmest Regards Always,

    Your Southern Lady"

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    An Open Letter To Fall

    Ruth said...

    I hate y'all are getting all that rain and I hope the letter to Fall works.