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    Simply Southern Saturdays

    Friday, September 17, 2010

    Since our usual weekdays have Husband running out the door to work, and Eldest to school, I find weekends especially precious. Meals where we can all sit down together, outings out and about in Tokyo as a family, they're all the more important since we know how busy our Mondays to Fridays can be.

    Breakfast has to be our favorite meal around here!

    We used to have cinnamon roll Sundays when we lived in Charlotte, and when Eldest was younger she and her Daddy had IHOP every Sunday together. There are still times we enjoy preparing breakfast for dinner simply because it's a great excuse to make cheese grits, bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, and all the fruit or baked tomatoes and asparagus we can eat!

    Sometimes, though, we want instant gratification. A light meal that doesn't require actual cooking. Something sweet and warm from our favorite bakery, Mont Thabor.


    The wee one's choice of early morning meal on such days? The pumpkin and milk bun. As you can see it's made with real pumpkin~perfect for our pre-fall days! Healthy, filled with flavor, but sweet all at the same time.

    Eldest loves her milky scroll, I enjoy the chocolate croissant, and Husband? He's happy with whatever we surprise him with. They're all delicious!

    Here's hoping each of you you have a delicious start to your weekend~just like we will with ours.


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