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    Simply Southern Sundays

    Saturday, September 11, 2010

    I'm sitting here, online, periodically checking up on my Ole Miss Rebels while they play Tulane, and I'm eating pizza. Cold pepperoni pizza. And I never order pepperoni pizza for myself.


    I enjoy the vegetarian.

    But Husband is out of the country in Hong Kong and he does order pepperoni pizza. So because I miss him, I ordered his pizza, and am now enjoying its cold leftovers 12 hours later.


    It's really, really good.

    While I'm sitting here, eating pizza, checking up on my boys in red and blue, the scallywag is sleeping, and eldest is playing.

    We're heading out to Yoyogi Park for a Sri Lankan festival this afternoon. Filled with dancing, art, and culinary delights it should be tons of fun! The fact that we'll be with friends makes it that much better.

    After an exciting week of a huge typhoon,



    spooky crows,


    Ikea shopping,


    haircuts, and pizza ordering, a nice festival seems to be in order.

    Not to mention completely different.

    Stay tuned for our Seoul trip, the festival, and other fun snippets from our days around Tokyo.

    Have a lovely Sunday with your friends and family!