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    Tuesday, October 12, 2010

    We were fortunate to have a four day weekend due to a Japanese sports holiday and teacher work days. To say we enjoyed our time together would be an understatement~but I'll say it anyway. We thoroughly enjoyed our time together.

    Husband had to return to work yesterday, which wasn't great, but there's another weekend right around the corner!

    Since it was just the three of us, the children and I decided to take advantage of the lovely breezes and inviting sunshine and venture out. Our destinations? Omotesando and Harajuku.

    Eldest loves navigating the subway systems and does so beautifully, but this was a special day for her. While her brother had been on this outing several times, it would be her first.

    After checking our maps, we waited for the subway,


    looked for our connecting stop at Aoyama-Itchome,


    held on tight, and enjoyed the ride.


    Oh, those hands. I just love my daughter's hands. There are so many reasons why, but I'll save that for later.

    Our day in Omotesando and Harajuku was very nice. We wandered down the tree-lined streets and window shopped at all the high-end stores. We took our time, snacking and chatting along the way.

    There was no specific place we had to be, no real location in mind, so we were happy to stroll about. Somehow we always seemed to be always behind this beautiful young woman with the scrunchie.


    A scrunchie. In many respects the Japanese are very stylish and fashion-forward. But on this one they take a serious hit.

    The scrunchie and its owner did part ways with us at a major intersection (so sad to see it go!), but our fun was still ongoing. We made it into Harajuku while the traffic was still light. We watched the Lolita's selling Halloween gear and were chastised for taking pictures,


    we then stopped to drool over the delicious crepes at various stands.

    Making an unexpected detour while wandering in Harajuku, Eldest found a scarf for the cooler months.


    I preferred these,


    but Eldest knows what she likes, and the buffalo check suited her.

    We managed a quick stop or two more before the scallywag became antsy, then hopped back onto the subway. We rode back, at which point bebe was on foot. It usually ends this way on our trips: I'm pushing the stroller, he's walking and holding my hand...

    Which brings me back to my daughter's hands.


    Ever since she was little I have loved her hands. There is something about them that always captures my attention. Long, tapering fingers, beautiful nails, the graceful arch of her palm...there isn't anything about them I don't love. They look delicate and gentle, but are deceptively strong. They're a perfect reflection of her.

    Yesterday her hands were very busy.

    Our neighborhood park is on our walk home from the subway and guess who wanted to go play?

    His favorite playmate was with him, so he completely bypassed me and took to the safety of holding his sister's hand.


    I swear he knows no stranger.


    There was nothing more the scallywag wanted to do than run around with his sister, and always glad to do so, Eldest ran along with him.





    With those hands I love so much, she helped her brother along unfamiliar terrain,


    waited to catch him at the bottom of every slide,



    gave him a boost as he climbed back up,


    and lifted him up when he needed it.


    Boy, do I love this girl!

    The wee one does too, and decided he could help her get down the slides with a little assistance from his own helping hands.



    Before heading home for a lovely pancake dinner, the two climbed to the top of a white dome and sat side by side. They talked loudly and laughed, and used those lovely hands of theirs to playfully push at one another.


    I suppose at the end of the day siblings will be siblings. Right?

    Their smiles told me that neither one minded the others antics, so I chalked it up to a fabulous way to end our four days together. It makes me look forward to vacations and summertime, simply so I can have my daughter back home with me. That is always such a treat.

    A wonderful Wednesday to you all! What do you all look forward to?

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    Maria said...

    dont they have the best playgrounds?@! have you gone down the roller slides yet? crazy. your right your daughter does have beautiful hands!

    Leah said...

    My Uncle and Aunt and their three daughters live in Japan and i think that is so cool!

    What a cute post of your beautiful babes!


    JMW said...

    I can't get over how grown up your daughter looks, compared to the short time ago when you all were in the U.S. Kids grow so fast! Both of your children are so precious. Love the photos of your sight-seeing in Japan.

    Ruth said...

    She does have great hands.
    I am glad y'all had a great holiday weekend.

    Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

    Oh the scrunchie story made me immediately think of that Sex and the City episode with Carrie and Burger. So funny!