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    Pumpkin Round Up

    Wednesday, October 6, 2010

    Halloween is upon us and as we all know by now, Fall is as well. Thank God for wondrously cool weather. It makes projects around the homestead even more pleasant-because it means after they're done we can play, play, play outdoors.

    I love Autumn in Tokyo!

    I also love that the Japanese enjoy Fall as much as the rest of us. They have the most lovely flowers in their shops, and have recently brought out pumpkins and other gourds popular to the season!

    Even though they're in high demand, their numbers aren't as great as in the US, and as the prices have reflected, the marketplaces know it. In other words: you'd best really want a pumpkin and promise to treat it well if you're going to buy one.

    I bought six.


    They're simply beautiful! Varying in size, I felt comfortable with this purchase as it cost about the same as three medium pumpkins at home. We're limited on surface space so I felt several smaller pumpkins would best suit our buffet area.


    As you can see it needed to be spruced up a bit before I could even think to arrange our pretty little orange friends.


    So much better!!


    Once I had the pumpkins arranged with little boxes elevating some to different heights I began to think what the next step would be. Carving is out as the pumpkins would spoil very quickly. Could we paint them? Possibly. Could we glitz them up with glitter? Certainly. Perhaps a little hot glue is in order!


    Any of these would be fun and festive, but once the pumpkins would be finished, I'd worry about the scallywag dragging glittery, glue-covered pumpkins everywhere. He can easily take the pumpkins down as it is. Dare I add extra temptation with blinged-out gourds?

    Last year we went the classic route and monogrammed our largest pumpkin with tacks.

    Monogrammed Pumpkin

    Considering the lack of large pumpkins, however, this year we'd have to do something different. There isn't much space to spare for initials.

    Until yesterday I wasn't really sure what to do. You could have colored me stumped.

    But as I was walking down the windy streets of Omotesando with the scallywag it came to me. It's a bit avant garde, but I think it will work! Stay tuned to see how our little pumpkin project unfolds.

    Until then, I'm off to devour this scrumptious bowl of potato soup with Gruyere cheese, bacon, and garlic olive oil.


    A lovely October day to you all!

    7 Responses to “
    Pumpkin Round Up

    maria said...

    looks gorgeous!! love it

    Ruth said...

    The look great just they way they are.
    And I know there will be a post in the near future with that recipe for potato soup, right? hint hint

    The Southern Lady said...

    Maria~thank you so much! I've been following your pictoral progress and continue to be so in awe and happy for you. Congratulations on your newest venture!

    Ruth~Thanks, Ruth! I was considering this also. By the by, I wish I could say the soup was homemade. It's Campbell's soup-in the small, regular Campell's soup can. It isn't that hopped up loaded stuff. I grabbed a can while on the hunt for pumpkin puree (I needed a warm, quick meal and was seriously craving chowder). I just added a few garnishes to make it extra delicious!

    Kathleen Benefield said...

    Waiting for pumpkins to show up in Hong Kong!! Love the monogramed pumpkin with tacks!!! So glad I found you!

    Sweet Nothings said...

    I really really like your lamps..where are they from? and please tell me affordable :)

    Leah said...

    Your pumpkin arragement is gorgeous!! I love the idea of putting tacs into them!!


    Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

    I love your pumpkins! And the tack monogram was brilliant!