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    Simply Southern Saturdays

    Friday, October 22, 2010

    Fall has really settled into Tokyo. It's been overcast, chilly, and on occasion while wandering the neighborhoods you can tell someone-somewhere-has a wood-burning fireplace that is currently in use.

    We've even been able to wear sweaters and scarves day round!

    To celebrate Autumn's lovely turn, I decided we needed a deliciously warm drink. Nothing is better than a hot libation to chase the cold night chills away!

    It's still a little early for our family favorite, Hot Buttered Rum, so I put the question to my daughter. She said whatever I surprised her with would be fine. The only request was this: no pumpkin.

    This may have been an indication that my obsession has gone overboard, but that's allright. I'm flexible. There's always another trusty fruit ready to be enjoyed during these crisp, blustery days: the apple.

    After considering the options I decided to go the classic route and make apple cider. But being as we're Southern, and we simply cannot do without those extra little lagniappe's. I decided to do classic...with a twist.

    I decided to make Caramel Apple Cider.

    Mmmm...sounds delicious doesn't it? Apple cider and caramel apples are two wonderfully yummy things to look forward to in the Fall. And while I'm sure it's not too uncommon a drink, you would have thought I'd struck gold when I asked Eldest what she thought.

    She was a little excited.

    I was a little daunted.

    Again I ran into a stumbling block while searching for the primary ingredient: apple cider. The only ones available were sparkling, and my daughter doesn't drink the bubbly stuff.

    In the end I made my own cider~which was surprisingly simple~but I'll save that for another post. I'm pretty sure y'all have plenty of cider on hand back in the States.


    This sweet drink was also very easy to make and the end results, divine.


    Caramel Apple Cider

    Apple Cider or Apple Cider Mix
    Caramel Sauce
    Whipped Cream (homemade is best!!)

    Take your mug of choice,


    and pour caramel sauce into the bottom. As I have yet to master homemade caramel sauce~and believe me I have long been trying~bottled is fine. Just make sure the caramel coats the bottom of the cup...or even more if that's your bag.


    If a little of the sauce gets onto the side of your mug, don't worry about it!


    I suspect someone in your home will be more than happy to assist in this clean-up.

    Pour your heated cider into the cup o' caramel and stir.


    Your cider drink will be a milky, caramel color and smell just delicious. It really did remind me of caramel apples~and for good reason!

    Once your caramel and apple cider is mixed well, add a dollop (or two or three) of your whipped cream on top.


    Again, I recommend homemade whipped cream as it's easy to make, and so much better than the store bought stuff. Whip one pint of heavy whipping cream while slowly adding one cup of sugar and a touch of vanilla flavoring if desired. Let your mixer whip the mixture until it has semi-stiff peaks and resembles whipped cream. Your taste buds will thank you for it!

    They'll also thank you for this:


    Pour a little more caramel sauce atop your whipped cream and enjoy!

    Now tell me friends, when you're facing another chilly Fall night, don't you think something like this will warm you right up?

    According to my daughter, it will do that as well as leave a happy smile on your face. But don't take our word for it~try it out for yourself!

    I'd love to hear how it turned out for you.

    A lovely Sautrday to you all!

    9 Responses to “
    Simply Southern Saturdays

    Ruth said...

    Divine!! I got some one day this week when it was chilly in Memphis from Starbucks.
    And that reminds me I need to see if I have what I need to make the buttered rum batter.

    Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

    Yum! I love hot apple cider on chilly nights!

    Suburban Princess said...

    Oh this looks so yummy! Your photos make me feel like it is right here in my hand!

    Leah said...

    This looks incredible! I agree with the suburban princess your pictures are amazing!


    Bella Michelle said...

    YUM....we have tiny touches of fall here (in SC) but today it is supposed to reach almost 90!

    Bella Michelle said...

    Yum! I love a hot cider! We have had little tastes of fall here but today it is supposed to reach close to 90!

    Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

    this sounds wonderful! i was just looking for some good apple cider at the grocery store...didn't get any yet, but now i have no excuse! caramel dripping on the mug is a must!

    Aspiring Kennedy said...

    um... this looks INCREDIBLE. You travel & you cook? Woman of the year. All I can commit to is one or the other. ha! Have a great time in Tokyo. I'm sure you guys are going to have a great time. :)

    Amy R. said...

    This looks delicious! I have been craving a caramel apple for weeks, now I want some cider too, thanks a lot!

    Amy R.