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    30 for 30: Day Eight~Vintage

    Sunday, November 28, 2010

    Hello all!

    I hope your Thanksgivings were filled with family, friends, and many delicious meals. Ours was slightly unconventional~being as we waited until after Thanksgiving to share our meal with others~but it was good. We were touched by the many blessings from our Blessing Bowl, introduced many other expats into the wonderful Thanksgiving traditions we share, and delighted in a low-key dinner at Alicia's apartment. It was so nice to prolong this seemingly fleeting celebration by a few extra days.

    And in case you're wondering, the Christmas season was still here when we were finished!

    Today we set up Eldest's Christmas tree atop our dining room buffet and spent time considering the places to hang our new stockings. We've been listening to Christmas music, enjoying hot drinks, and watching the Griswold's enjoy their Christmas Vacation~a must for our family at the beginning of the Yuletide season.

    I'll delve a bit more into our traditions and decorations for our first Japanese Christmas, but first, a return to the ongoing "30 for 30" project.

    Thank you to everyone who's inquired about my toe. It's aching still, and to get anywhere of significant distance I've had to rely on taxis. But I can wear most of my shoes again~for brief periods of time~and am almost walking normally! Things are headed in the right direction and slowly, but surely, my foot is healing.

    It's certainly made it hard to get out for pictures for the "30 for 30", but sometimes the light is bright, the outfit is on, and I have help in taking pictures.

    Like these!




    I love the fabric of this vintage dress, and the details even more. It seems this style and design is pretty hot right now, which begs the question: does anything really go out of style?

    I know there are the "classics": black turtle neck, white button downs, pearls, etc., but everything does seem to recycle itself. And thank goodness for that!


    This is a much bolder print than I'd normally wear, but that was part of its appeal. It could be worn with a bold cardigan or accessory, or as I did here, with a classic cardigan which I belted.


    Of course, this is an outfit which can also stand on its own. The dress was vintage, which meant it had unique details that softened the vivid pattern and colors. Ruched neckline and sleeves, and a cinched waist made it a perfect choice for me when I was scouring Etsy months ago.

    Yes, ladies, Etsy is a treasure trove for stylish, vintage clothes. If you want further details, please continue reading.

    Let's break down this "30 for 30" ensemble shall we?



    We've been fortunate to have a few good days where dresses could be worn comfortably, but friends, the chill has grown deeper and the winds have been picking up. I think Winter is definitely on her way, and may just gift us with a white Christmas (not that we'll be here to see it!)

    My wish for you all in this new season of hope and joy is to find a little of both in every day. A wonderful evening to you all!

    5 Responses to “
    30 for 30: Day Eight~Vintage

    JMW said...

    Love your outfit - great vintage dress! Glad to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving. We woke up the next day to a light dusting of snow - the cold weather is definitely hanging around now.

    High Heeled Life said...

    love the look; glad to hear your toe is on the mend... acn't wait to see what unique items you will be sharing for your Japanese inspired Christmas...xo HHL

    Emily said...

    I can't wait to hear about Japanese traditions! I love doing different stuff for holidays.

    Linda W said...

    That is a great vintage find. The print is beautiful. I hope you enjoyed your holiday overseas.
    The Auspicious Life

    theputtogethergirl said...

    Such a beautiful dress! I love how nothing really goes out of style-- I just saw a similar dress in a vintage dress and wanted it so bad! So modern, yet so old!