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    30 for 30: Day One~Park Play

    Sunday, November 7, 2010

    Hey all! Welcome to day one of the "30 for 30" Challenge!


    Now that the selections have been made, initial outfits put together, and a few pictures taken, I am really, really excited.

    Do you want to know how many gals are taking part in this fun insanity?


    337 brave and awesome souls are taking part in this. You can see the entire list here. You can also see how the other participants choose to mix and match~giving you tons of looks to admire or imitate.

    My tastes run more conservative these days, but I find it to be a very accessible look. Since my son was born, I've had to stop wearing heels and the dressier items I used to don in favor of pieces that are 1.) more often than not, washable, and 2.) very versatile.

    Practicality reigns supreme!

    This doesn't mean I've had to change who I am or loose my fashion identity. I've just had to re-adjust.

    It's taken a little time, but I think you'll agree, every outfit could easily have a piece or two you already have in your own closet, or you could see yourself wearing.


    And obviously, traditional. That's the kind of gal I am. I love classic pieces, oftentimes with a twist, and look to my accessories to make an outfit pop rather than snore.

    Take yesterday's trip to the park:


    For this outfit I played it really safe~almost ridiculously so. It combines the things I'm most comfortable in. We'll call it "The Uniform". It's an outfit I could wear everyday: pressed khakis, classic fitted oxford, a cardigan in a color of the season, flats, and a scarf.




    In this ensemble I could easily chase both my 10 year old and 2 year old around the park, run errands, and still be appropriately dressed to go out for a meal or a drink.

    So let's break this outfit down!

    From my "30 for 30" list:



    I love these gold pointy-toe flats. The crocodile skin detail keeps the shoe from being too plain, and the gold is a good neutral a shorty like me can use to extend my length of leg. Also on the upside? It's not "gold lame" shiny. It's a nice, muted gold with a hint of sheen. Very tasteful, very easy to wear.

    For accessories I wore gold hoops, Target sunglasses, and a great GAP scarf my mother purchased for me back in high school.


    Scarves can be worn again and again, so I'm glad my 15 year old self didn't decide to toss it aside. It's probably one of the few good fashion decisions I made at that age.

    I find that age does improve your choices in clothes, and once you realize what works for you, as well as makes you feel most comfortable in your skin, it makes you a much more confident person.

    Three cheers for that!

    Come back tomorrow for Day Two of the "30 for 30" Challenge. A Starbucks outing is calling your name!

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    30 for 30: Day One~Park Play

    High Heeled Life said...

    Oh I'm so glad we have crossed paths in BlogLand ~ I'm in the process of rebuilding my wardrobe style. Business suits and physio appointments do not seem to match .. :) - this look is great! Since most of mt time is spent doing rehab therapies I too am in search of the "uniform". Your post spoke volumes to me ...

    You looked Fabulous!!! HHL

    Ruth said...

    I love the shots of you. Who took them?
    And of course a great outfit.

    A Babbling Brunette said...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love yours!