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    30 for 30: Day Three~Snack Aisle Blues

    Tuesday, November 9, 2010

    Good morning all! I am thrilled to bits that my sweet girl has a 5 day weekend. Now I have both of my babes in my arms for the next couple of days! It is such a treat for us all.

    (PS-Eldest just completed her first trimester at school with top grades and glowing remarks from all teachers! She's acclimated beautifully to her new school and it shows in spades. She is so happy!!)

    And now that I've properly gushed over Eldest, let's get back to the Challenge...

    I may have mentioned that I'm the primary picture taker in our family? This only becomes problematic on the weekdays when Husband is at work. On the weekends he's a gem about helping out with this challenge, but on the weekdays I have to get creative.

    Take the other day while the scallywag and I were picking up a quick snack at Family Mart. It was a good time to get a picture taken...except there was no one save my two year old to hold the camera.

    And that wasn't about to happen.

    Thankfully a sweet stock boy offered to snap a few pictures, and he did a great job.

    Thank you Family Mart stock boy!


    This a casual on-the-go outfit: a light-weight turquoise sweater with some denim trousers. Simple, comfortable, and with the right shoes and jewelry, chic.

    I often feel blue is a neglected neutral. We always talk about the blacks, the browns, and the greys. But what about the blues? They're beautiful, come in jewel tones that are universally flattering, and for me, really make my eyes pop (I'm a blue-eyed gal!).


    What else makes my eyes pop? This gorgeous clover necklace based upon a Chopard design. It's dainty and delicate. You can find this lovely piece for a very affordable price on Etsy. I ordered mine petite and extra long so I could wrap it around several times for a layered look.


    I thought it might look good against the layered neckline on this top. Eldest once told me that it reminded her of a lion's mane, and after some reflection I can see why she'd say that.

    The detail is nice and I like it. It's a feminine touch~something this Mama Lion likes!

    Are you ready for the break down?

    From my "30 for 30" list:


    And since I know a few of you want to know where you can find the clover necklace...


    Come back tomorrow for day four, and something completely unrelated to this challenge!

    A lovely November day to you all~I'm off to take tea with my daughter.

    4 Responses to “
    30 for 30: Day Three~Snack Aisle Blues

    High Heeled Life said...

    So happy that you will have both your children for the next few days together!! Congrats to Eldest - well done.

    Keep those outfits coming -- I'm thinking I must visit BR, their pants are brilliant. I agree that blue is a perfect choice for anyone with blue eyes! Good morning my friend .. its good night on this end of the world ...almost 10 pm... xo HHL

    Ruth said...

    So proud of my niece!

    And I love the outfit!!!! Keep the ideas coming.

    Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

    I knew I liked you when you started posting comments on my blog, we have very similar style in clothing, thoughts, life. I'm sure we'd be good friends! I love the necklace, I am going to have to scout one out as it's very Van Cleef. I look forward to reading more of your lovely blog and learning more about your life abroad! Have a fabulous day! Miss SLPS

    The Southern Lady said...

    HHL~ Thank you! We're so excited to spend the time together. It's always difficult to see the school year begin and our time together cut shorter.

    Nanner, as we affectionately call it, always has great affordable basics. I think it's great for a person with a transitional wardrobe or one that leans towards the conservative with a twist! Have a good evening and take care, friend!

    Ruth~We're very proud as well. Mads never ceases to amaze us. I will keep the outfits rolling out as long as no one gets tired of seeing my mug ;) Love you, Ruth!

    Miss SLPS~Thank you for stopping by to comment! And good grief...you're completely right. It *is* Van Cleef and Arpel, not Chopard. Am I living in a fog these days or what?

    It is so good to "meet" another gal with similar tastes~in so many things! I'd gladly share from my closet if we lived closer because I think you're right, we'd hit it off famously! That said, as I'm halfway across the world I'm happy to be a friend from afar. A wonderful day to you as well!!