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    30 for 30: Day Two~Starbucks Run

    Monday, November 8, 2010

    Since I've started the "30 for 30" Challenge, I've had to confront the fact that I'm never in front of the camera.

    It makes sense as the sole picture taker of the family this would be the case, so it also made sense that when I found myself in front of the camera lens, I'd have some moments of unease.

    Scratch that: complete and total awkwardness, coupled with over-smiling and stiff movements. Coming to terms with who I am when I'm not hovering behind the lens has been very humbling.

    Thankfully I've had one or two little someones who have kept me laughing through it,


    reminding me that this is supposed to be fun and to just. Relax.

    So I have.


    This time I put two classic and invaluable wardrobe pieces together. We'll call it: Coffee Run Chic.

    Leggings and a LBD are two articles every girl should have in their closet. No matter your age. My mother has been wearing leggings since before they made this huge come back, so trust me when I say they're always in style.

    And I am in the camp that says any person can wear leggings. Any person, any shape and size. It's the top that's the trick. You have to know your body shape and you have to know what will and will not work. Try things on.

    You may be surprised!


    For a fun and unexpected twist, I dashed around in my favorite pair of leopard wedges. Not only do they dress up this simple ensemble, but they are fierce.

    Did I mention they're super comfortable as well?

    Again, this is an outfit I would~and could~wear anywhere. But to be honest, most of the time I don my leggings and a simple top on weekends or rainy days. It's an outfit that makes me feel safe and comfortable in my skin.

    Not to mention it makes this Mama feel a little peppier on those oddly-timed Starbucks runs. Who says you can't look cute while grabbing a coffee to go?

    Now let's break this outfit down!

    From my "30 for 30" list:



    Maybe I could have accessorized a bit more. A necklace or a couple of bracelets. I wanted the outfit to speak for itself, but I suppose I could step out of my comfort zone. This is a learning experience, so I'll keep it in mind as I move onto the next round.

    Come back tomorrow for Day Three! It's snack aisle sweet.


    For now, I'm going to sit back and enjoy a little gingerbread with my latte!

    7 Responses to “
    30 for 30: Day Two~Starbucks Run

    High Heeled Life said...

    The shoes are brilliant! they make that outfit!!! I have not tried this sort of look leggings with LBD .. but will be considering it!
    P.S you look great in front of the camera.... HHL

    JMW said...

    You are rockin' that outfit, girl! Love those shoes! Yeah, with shoes like that, you don't need other accessories. Let them make the big statement. A latte from Starbucks sounds really good right now...:)

    Donna said...

    LOVE the shoes!!!

    Lori Ellen @ Kitchen Doesn't Travel said...

    Very chic! Very Jackie-O...not that I would expect anything less!

    Rach said...

    I love those leopard print heels. They give a great pop to an all black outfit. Good luck on your 30 for 30 challenge :]

    Closet Confections said...

    Cute shoes! And you're right, the trick to leggings is all about the top. Happy remixing!


    Kathy said...

    So, I've been keeping up with your blog for a bit, but I HAD to let you know that this post totally inspired me out of a style rut. About six months ago, I transitioned from a management job at work to full-time mommy, part-time pharmacist. I wore office attire five days a week (six, if you count church on Sundays), so my wardrobe had very little in the way of sensible, but stylish clothes. Since I've been at home more, I've found myself wearing the same blue jeans and solid knit shirt every day. I was tired of looking like a "frumpy mommy" - I wanted to be a "cute mommy", without sacrificing comfort or sensability. To say that leggings are "outside my box" would be a gross understatement. But with your encouraging words in mind, I went on a quest to try some. I was seriously wandering through Stein Mart thinking, "What would Beth say about this one?" I selected a pair with ruched sides and a couple of tops that I tought fit my body type. When I looked in the mirror, I was in shock - these leggings were slimming! My hubby was thrilled with my purchases. Thank you for giving me the courage to try something new - even from across the ocean.