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    30 for 30: Days Five & Six~Impromptu Ensemble & Getting Jiggy In Basics

    Friday, November 12, 2010

    Hello friends!

    Yesterday's pictures from the Parent/Teacher Conference didn't come out at all. It was my fault as the sun wasn't in a good spot and we were taking pictures in a poorly lit area. I'll definitely pull that outfit out again, though. It got quite a few thumbs up!

    Doesn't that sound like an outfit worth waiting for?

    I felt badly about the fudged pictures, so this morning before I pulled on my intended outfit, I put together one extra.

    Both outfits used the same staple pieces, which made these two "30" items very easy to interchange.


    No need to tell me how tired I looked when this was taken. I know. Believe me, I know. Comfort was key in today's look as when I am feeling wiped-out, my clothes really do help me to feel a little better.

    Our concierge was kind enough to say I looked well-heeled and very American (compliment????). This wasn't in her job description, though, so I only asked her to take one picture.

    Intrigued as she was by the "30 for 30" Challenge, I didn't want to keep her from her job.

    From the "30 for 30" List:


    Oh, friends, it was a long morning.

    But as you can see, I perked up quite a bit by the afternoon.


    Wind-blown hair coupled with the classic Japanese picture pose of throwing the peace sign, I was thoroughly hamming it up for Eldest and the camera.


    And I had the best time doing so.


    Oooh...double signing!


    As you can see, I'm still wearing the basics from earlier: leggings, turtleneck, flats. All I did was exchange one cardigan for another:


    and toss on a Burberry scarf.


    The look is still nice, comfortable in my exhausted state, and easy enough to mix and match with several more time in several more ways...

    but we'll save that for another day.

    Right now I'm about to curl up with my family, begin to watch Season 2 of "The Good Wife", and hope for a night of deep, uninterrupted sleep.

    But before I do, let's break this outfit down, shall we?

    From the "30 for 30" List:



    Have a lovely evening, each of you. My Shar-Pei chin and I are now going to relax, relax, relax.


    Peace out, yo!

    9 Responses to “
    30 for 30: Days Five & Six~Impromptu Ensemble & Getting Jiggy In Basics

    High Heeled Life said...

    Great , versatile!!! love the scarf!! HHL

    JMW said...

    Great outfits - I really need to pick up some leggings. Love the look with longer sweaters and ballet flats. Have a great weekend!

    coolkids said...

    I just found your blog from two ellie!! You are too cute. following now.
    I have an adorable giveaway for little or big girls today. Open Internationally.

    Fashion Momma said...

    Girl, you are kidding me! You swapped out one piece and added a scarf and COMPLETELY changed the look from comfy to classic! I love it. And I'm glad you perked up by the afternoon. My morning photos are very, VERY similar to yours above!

    Design Elements said...

    i like your eyeglasses. happy weekend!

    Liz said...

    Well hello miss audrey!! Cute, classy looks!

    Ruth said...

    You can tell you are having a ball posing with the pictures in the second outfit.

    Elizabeth said...

    i love your outfits: simple yet classic.

    flip flops and pearls said...

    YOU are too cute!! How have I been missing you blog but you come see me? grrr,,,,,I won't miss another beat!