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    A Brunch In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

    Tuesday, November 2, 2010

    Good morning from Tokyo!

    It is just glorious here: sunny, breezy, cold. After the last week of storms and overcast skies, it is such a welcome reprieve.

    Did everyone enjoy a wonderful Halloween weekend? Was it filled with more treats than tricks? I hope so! I'm happy to say that ours was very nice: the weather held on Sunday, we had a lovely brunch with good friends, and though trick or treating is scarce, we took the children out to a Halloween party in Omotesando.

    Our brunch was a last-minute affair, but as we kept the focus on the friends we'd be dining with, it was easy to pull together.


    Using dishes we were well-versed in preparing, letting our friends bring a drink or food, and keeping decor simple, we were all able to have a good time. No one was stuck in the kitchen or fretting over decorations.


    We were all able to sit together in the living area, talking and laughing, enjoying the company of friends and family on a chilly, dreary-looking Halloween.

    It's how we want all our gatherings to be: uncomplicated and enjoyable.

    That said, I did take one or two liberties. I made little Halloween swag bags for everyone to take home. Being as they were divided into bowls of "Tricks" and "Treats", they were appropriately filled with novelty gag gifts or candy.

    My creation

    Our drink station was filled with Bloody Mary's and Mimosa's and was also set to look a little spooky!



    After our delicious, friend-filled brunch, we all rested for the afternoon. Our tummies were completely filled and we needed it. This doesn't mean a child or two weren't excited about pulling on their Halloween costumes.


    One in particular, perhaps the scallywag, may have pulled his on right after he woke up from his nap.

    And after Husband woke from his own nap (with quite a bit of prodding from the children and a bribe of fresh coffee), we headed out into Omotesando for the big children's Halloween party.

    Our Storm Trooper showed us the way


    while Little Lord Vader was escorted through the streets and subway tunnels.


    I'd love to say the Halloween party was worth the hype and travelling, but it really wasn't. It was chaotic, disorganized, and hot. We'll know better for next year, but the outing wasn't without its good points.

    The children were able to enjoy some scrumptious cupcakes,


    yours truly was able to pose with her Star Wars family,


    and on our walk home we were all able to play in our neighborhood playground~in the dark.

    It was a deliciously eerie way to end our Halloween.

    Now we find ourselves in the month of November and preparing for our first Thanksgiving away from family and friends. We're making tentative plans, all the while enjoying our progressively cooler days and cold nights.

    I hope you all are doing well as we enter this season of giving Thanks. Take care and enjoy yourselves this Wednesday!

    5 Responses to “
    A Brunch In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

    Ruth said...

    The costumes turned out great. Sorry the party wasn't fun.

    Casey said...

    I love all of your Halloween pictures! Good luck preparing for your first t-giving away from home.

    Aspiring Kennedy said...

    you guys look great! i am loving the leia buns. :) my three nephews went as star wars characters, and had their little sister as yoda, their mom {my sister} as leia,... and they begged my mom to be java the hut. haha!! which she did her best to get out of being. :) hilarious.

    your family is adorable- i love the glimpse into your lives. :)

    Farmchick said...

    You and your children are adorable in your costumes.

    Leah said...

    Wow your home is so chic!!!