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    A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

    Thursday, November 11, 2010

    Good evening all!

    It's been one long day, so you'll forgive me if I skip today's "30 for 30". It'll be back~a double dose no less!~so no worries. I'm committed to seeing it through.

    But today I thought I'd get back to the children. I've missed writing about them, and they're pretty fun to write about.

    ~Eldest has been enjoying her 5 days off, and we've been enjoying her company...especially as we've been making a few trips for delicious donuts!


    ~Husband and I have begun watching AMC's "The Walking Dead" and we're enjoying it quite alot. It's not a family friendly show by any means, and Husband doesn't really like the zombie genre, but it's not just a "zombie show". It's about people trying to retain their Grace, their humanity, and seeing how these individuals either pull together or fall apart under the most dire of circumstances. It's almost a morality tale-with zombies.

    ~I love getting packages from home. We've received quite a few from my parents and my brother and sister in law. Both have been so generous to ship things internationally-we can't thank them enough!


    This week my parents sent some great magazines, warmer pajamas for the children, and some lovely dresses for the spring. There is something so very sweet about seeing my mother or father's handwriting on top of a US postal service box.

    ~Seriously, I think I'm going to fall asleep any minute now.

    ~Back to our donut craze, I may have picked up more from another local vendor on the way home from Eldest's Parent/Teacher conference today.


    And let me say, salted caramel donuts? Totally worth it. Divine!

    ~The scallywag has been having an up and down week. His stubborn streak has hit an all time high, making patience, compassion, and understanding leap to the forefront of my daily prayers.


    Thankfully it comes and goes. More often than not he's happy, giggling, having a good old time.


    But when he gets frustrated or doesn't want to hear something-the eyebrows go down, the lips purse, the little shoulders hunch over, and out comes this resounding,"NO MAMA!".


    He's a fierce, but darling scallywag. It can't be easy at the age of two when everyone else is so much bigger and older. But as the saying goes, this, too, shall pass.

    And on that note, so shall I-pass out, I mean. This mama is exhausted and is ready to join my children in the land of Nod. I'll see you all when I'm a bit more caffinated and well-rested.

    A good evening to you all!

    3 Responses to “
    A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

    Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

    your children are absolutely precious....i just love tagging along on your adventures. how sweet it is to see that familiar handwriting on a package lovingly sent from "home" ....i hope all is well and look forward to your next adventure!

    Ruth said...

    The doughnuts sound so yummy! Please send me one.
    And Jaxs is getting taller.

    Lori Ellen @ Kitchen Doesn't Travel said...

    Oh, man. Steve is so into the Walking Dead right now. I won't watch it with him because I just can't get into the zombie thing, even though he keeps trying to tell me "it's not just a zombie show." Glad to know he's in good company...even if it's not me. :)