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    Two Things...

    Thursday, November 4, 2010

    There are two sweet gals I need to say thank you to!

    First to Kate from Southern Belle Simple. She tagged me with an award a little while back!


    I can't thank her enough for thinking of me! We've only recently become acquainted through our blogs, and it was very kind of her to give me a tap. It was especially sweet as we do try to keep to our southern roots while living in Tokyo and embracing a new culture. Apparently we haven't lost our touch!

    Click on the link above to visit Kate's site. She has the most incredible pictures from vintage Southern Living's, as well as great project ideas and simple, delicious recipes!

    Second, my dear friend Ruth, from This G.R.I.T.S Tale tagged me in a food survey. It was really fun to fill out!

    1. What is your favorite dessert?

    I'm a New Orleans girl, so it would be in poor taste if I said anything other than bread pudding or King Cake.


    And I do love bread pudding and King Cake. Cliche, but true. But if I'm to be completely honest, my absolute, favorite dessert is lemon meringue pie.

    lemon meringue pie


    From the tart, creaminess of the lemon pie filling to the melt-in-your-mouth sugary goodness of the delicately browned meringue, there is nothing to not love about it. I know it's primarily a spring and summer dessert, but I could eat it year round.

    If I really had to.

    2. Did you ever try to cook something and fail miserably?

    Of course I have. I think my absolute worst mishap, however, came from the very early days of married life. Husband and I had just moved to Memphis, TN, and I so desperately wanted to cook him gourmet meals every single night he came home from work.

    Using an old gourmet cookbook gifted to me by my mother, I tried to make a mushroom and parsley dish with sherry. Not only did it smell noxious, but it looked like it could have been labeled a biohazzard as well.

    It was vile. I did learn something through this experience, though: my husband cannot stand mushrooms so I'd never have to worry about trying to perfect this side dish!

    Silver lining, friends...

    3. Is there a dish you haven't made that you would like to try?

    I would love to try and prepare creme brulee, but one dish I want to tackle first is French Onion Soup.



    It's one of my husband's favorites and I love it as well. Could you imagine anything better on a cold night?

    4. What is my favorite food?

    I love meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

    maeatloaf and taters


    Hands down it's one of the reasons I enjoy the colder seasons so much. I love flavorful, warm foods so much more than chilled ones and the heat of the warmer seasons...I'm not a big fan.

    5. What is my least favorite food?

    I don't like seafood~not even a little. It's strange considering I'm a born and raised New Orleans girl...



    and stranger still as we're currently living in Tokyo, Japan! Life, friends, is definitely not without its sense of humor.

    6. Do you have any seasonal meals you like?

    My mother's Thanksgiving feast is a favorite of many~not just my family. We're blessed that she's such a culinary talent and shares it with us all!


    From the cajun injected turkey and the cornbread dressing, to the spinach Madeline and sweet potato casserole it is always perfect. Always rich in delectable flavors and carries wonderful memories of home.

    My mother has always been thoughtful enough to make it on other occasions~not just the day we give Thanks. We make it at Christmas, she even prepared it for me each time I'd return home from college for a visit.

    Yes, friends, her meal is that good. We will seriously miss it this month!

    (Mom, if you want, feel free to send the entire meal via overnight. I'm sure customs will waive it through without incident!)

    7. What is your comfort food?

    As I'm sure y'all already know from above, I love warm foods rich in flavor. It shouldn't be that surprising that as far as comfort foods go, the same applies. I love hot, hearty soups or a good chili.


    They instantly warm me from the inside and make everything seem better. I'll curl up in my arm chair, wrap myself in a plush blanket, then with a roll of crusty bread on the side, dive right into any number of chowders or soups.


    My favorites though? Potato, winter white chicken chili, asparagus soup, tomato, corn chowder, and the spinach, leek, and asparagus soup from Amelie's in Charlotte.


    Nothing says comfort food like a good bowl (or two) of soup.

    8. Chocolate: milk, dark, or white

    Milk chocolate. There is nothing more I need to add other than this: yum!

    Thank you Ruth, for tagging me in this fun food survey, and thank you Kate, for the award!

    Stay tuned, all, as I'll be participating in something a little more long-term. Come back to find out what it is...

    A happy weekend to you all!!