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    A Unique Christmas Place Setting

    Tuesday, November 30, 2010

    One of the great lessons I've been learning through our move to Japan is to adapt. Readjusting priorities. The serious downsize in living space, as well as limiting what we could bring with us, has really opened our eyes to what we can comfortably live without.

    Surprisingly that list continues to grow.

    Living a slightly more spartan lifestyle has made us focus on the needs versus the wants, and over the past few months, letting go of those "wants" has steadily grown easier.

    Oh, we still want for things~don't misunderstand~and sometimes we cave. But it's getting easier to not be trapped completely by those wants. I'm not saying it's easy. Sometimes...just easier.

    It doesn't stop me from wishing and wanting for the Christmas decorations in storage, though.

    Concerned by my husbands constant warnings about lack of space and storage, I made the (unwise) decision to leave 95% of our year round Holiday decorations behind. We actually have more shelves and storage space than I imagined. Not nearly as much as we did in Charlotte, but I think I could have brought a few wreaths and Eldest's box of ornaments.

    Seeing as we did not, we're starting from scratch.

    This isn't a bad thing~I'm adapting and keeping things simple. Bonus? It's all coming together within my favorite palate of oranges, whites, and golds.

    Take our Christmas plates, for example:


    When my mother was still an elementary school teacher, a parent gifted her with these gold rimmed plates that she'd made. The elegance of these simple dishes completely won us both over, and without a doubt, they make the holidays more special since they're like having a piece of my mother with me.

    Every year I find a way to work them into our place settings, but I am certain this one is my favorite!

    I started with the classic white dinner plate atop a Williams Sonoma orange linen place mat.


    Our pretty Christmas plate went on next.


    Truthfully, I love this just by itself! But because I have to use what we have, I continued to play around...


    with our melamine salad plates from La Plates.


    Do you see how the colors continue to repeat, though in different shades, with different design patterns? It adds a subtle bit of visual interest and is just so darn pretty.

    And because I just had to add them, the lovely Ikat bowls from Anthropologie...j'adore.


    I will fully acknowledge we'll only be here for three more weeks~less than actually~but we're still celebrating Christmas in our downsized, expatriate way.

    I can't wait to share more with you all!

    A good evening to you from Tokyo. I'm going to eat the last mini whipped pumpkin cheesecake!


    4 Responses to “
    A Unique Christmas Place Setting

    JMW said...

    I adore your holiday plates - what a beautiful way to decorate the table. And that cheese cake sounds amazing!

    Ruth said...

    I can't wait to see y'all.

    Jodi said...

    I am a new follower and love your food photography and recipes.. am excited about this!! and you have great outfits too of course. very classic and chic!!

    I am also doing the 30 challenge... boy its a stretch for this last few days..challenging being creative with my items alright!!!

    happy weekend and see you next week :)
    cheers, Jodi

    Anonymous said...

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