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    30 for 30: Day Nine~Southerners Love Butter

    Monday, December 6, 2010

    I really have to hand it to Eldest, she takes up her mantle as photographer with ease and an enormous amount of humor. This is great as she is at an age where there is much self-doubt. She's at the cusp of a new period in her life and she and her peers are starting to figure out their places, who they are, and questioning everything about anything~especially themselves.

    It can make for many emotional, brooding moments if you have a young girl on the verge of becoming a young woman. She can appear much more stern than she really is, but again, it's the age.


    Everything is so emotionally driven and deeply felt. Having been where she is, I have profound empathy for what is happening inside of her heart and mind.

    I'm glad she can find humor and laugh~both at the world around her and at herself.

    It's a great girly laugh with the goofiest edge. Totally Eldest, my big little girl.

    And she was not so discretely finding great amusement at my expense yesterday as I took new "30 for 30" pictures.

    She may have encouraged my own silly behavior!




    Thank goodness I was in the right company, no?

    Eldest is great at helping me to ease up and not take things too seriously. I thank God for her gift of levity. She truly is a special child. I know she'll find her way through this age.


    With the help of her handy dandy scallywag assistant, we were able to get some not so silly pictures, and I think Eldest did a smashing job!

    So let's get on with this, shall we?


    Our family of four planned to go to the park and I wasn't sure what to wear. I wanted cozy as well as casual, and thankfully, this outfit kind of pulled itself together.

    Hey there, son!


    It all started with the plush cowl neck sweater dress. I wanted something a little different from leggings underneath, and jeggings were the best option available.

    Rule number one with draped or flowing tops? You must wear properly fitted bottoms. And when I say "fitted" I don't mean tight. Only that they should fit you properly.

    This may mean moving to a different size or having a tailor take in the seams. But it makes all the difference. I promise. FYI: You can apply the same rule for tops~loose, draping skirt or pants equals a more fitted, flattering top!



    I paired some very comfortable boots with the outfit, but I felt pretty drab. All those moody neutrals made me feel kind of like I was 10 years old again. What to do, what to do...


    How about a scarf rich in jewel tones and brilliant pops of butter yellow...with a necklace to match! Not only did it warm up the entire outfit, it kept it from being run of the mill. I'd happily wear it out and about with my family~and did.

    Now are y'all ready for this breakdown?




    This has unexpectedly become a much loved ensemble. I think that's one of the beautiful things about this challenge: you're forced to create and re-create using the same materials, and while there are some misses, you also make some pretty marvelous hits!

    A lovely December evening to you all! The brilliant photographer, gaping scallywag, and amused mother of two thank you for your time.


    Toodles all!

    6 Responses to “
    30 for 30: Day Nine~Southerners Love Butter

    Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

    Look at you! You are absolutely gorgeous and your style is just so unique....I love how your little scamp is climbing in and out of each picture! and you're so right about your eldest, her edgy personality will come in very handy! such a sweet family! sorry i've been such a bad commentor lately....as always, i love your blog so much! xoxo

    Ruth said...

    You silly never. ;) Glad everyone is feeling better

    Sarah said...

    I'm digging this outfit. You look stunning. I love how much accessories added to the outfit too, mustard can always do wonders for a fall outfit am I right or am I right?!
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

    {Stephanie Johnson} said...

    I found your blog via Kendi everyday! What a cute blog and cute mom-great style!! My cousins live in Tokyo and i LOVE it there, seriously. My sister, friend and I are starting our 30 for 30 starting in January-you all make it look super easy!

    Looking forward to more posts!

    Terri said...

    Hi, fellow remixer here, slowly getting around to visiting all of the remixers' blogs. This is a sharp and comfy looking outfit and I love how understanding you are of your daughter. She's actually a GOOD photographer and I like some of the expressions she brought out in you! Best of luck with the remaining challenge.

    Linda W said...

    Did you say you felt drab at first? Seriously? This is a perfect outfit. So put together. I love the sweaterdress over the jeans with boots and that necklace. Love that necklace.

    The Auspicious Life