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    A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

    Sunday, December 5, 2010

    It's one of those bullet point days, friends. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

    ~Last Tuesday, in the middle of my Japanese lessons, we experienced a rather large earthquake. Listening to the windows shift beforehand, the building gave a sudden lurch and swayed back and forth a few times. It was surprisingly gentle~the movements weren't violent like I'd expected from all of the movies citing natural disasters. This was even more surprising considering it was a 6.9 on the Richter scale. In case you were wondering, we were in our apartment on the 21st floor. It took 20 minutes for our drapes and doors to stop rocking back and forth.

    ~The Japanese use a different scale to measure earthquakes and they considered it a 3.

    ~I do not want to find out what their 6.9 is!

    ~The scallywag had a cold last week, so once again we spent most of our time indoors. It wasn't so bad since I can move around again! On the other hand I know it was no picnic for my son. He's such a cheerful little one, even when he's under the weather, it made the situation all the more pitiful.


    Feel free to ignore the crusty nose!

    ~After two semi-rough nights and snuggle-filled days, the little guy is almost back to 100%! It's incredible how fast the scallywag bounces back. Thank God for this blessing. Also a blessing? Those long lashes! Tell me you're not jealous~because I know I am.


    ~While he was under the weather he spent tons of time watching "Monsters, Inc.", "The Prince of Egypt", and reading one of his favorite books, "The Runaway Bunny".


    ~We are on the countdown to our return home! Fifteen days and counting...We're making our own lists and checking them twice~filled with food and places that are both naughty and nice!

    ~Our apartment is beginning to look a little more Christmas-like. Here are a few things I've been working on:



    ~Yesterday Eldest sang in a Christmas Concert for her school.


    I am super proud of her, especially as she had a very prominent role in one of the songs.


    That said, I take no responsibility for the pants over her grey boots. Apparently she was told she couldn't wear them "as is" when she prepared for the concert. Le sigh.

    ~Because she looked so absolutely chic and very appropriately dressed for a young lady beforehand, I had to include some pictures.



    Can you tell how thrilled she was to be in my sights?

    ~I've been making an "Apartment Christmas Wish List". Why? Because Eldest keeps asking me what I want for Christmas and honestly, nothing comes to mind. I'm just thrilled to be going home! But while I'm not in any real need of anything, I'd love some things to personalize our apartment a bit more. I'll share this list with y'all next week.

    ~We're having breakfast for dinner this evening (one of our favorites!), and plan on enjoying Banana Sour Cream Pancakes a la "The Barefoot Contessa", bacon, omlets, and if I'm lucky, this:


    English muffins are the best~even better with scrumptious preserves.

    ~I have three more "30 for 30"'s headed your way! This means I'm approaching the halfway mark, and as I am determined to see this through, I've set a goal completion date so I'm finished before we leave for home. Here's a little sneak peak:


    Again, I have to thank my ever helpful daughter for taking the pictures. She's been a great photographer and keeps me laughing during the entire process. She's just such a good person.


    Now, friends, I'll wish you all a good night. I'm off to enjoy time with my family and maybe watch a movie.

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    A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

    High Heeled Life said...

    Loved your bit of this and that!!! Your stockings are adorable, so glad your little guy is feeling better... yes, those lashes ~ how lucky is he!!!

    Breakfast for dinner is one of our favs around here too! Its morning here 10 am .. and we woke up to a gentle sprinkling of of overnight snow... Happy Sunday, HHL

    P.S. Eldest look straight off a magazine page with her scarf and outfit.. your boots , can't wait to see the whole outfit!! HHL

    Ruth said...

    He is adorable crusty nose and all. Glad he is feeling better.
    My niece has inherited singing ability. Yippee!