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    The Wish Lists

    Monday, December 13, 2010

    Good morning all!

    It has been crazy around here as we've been preparing to return home this Saturday. It's funny to think that we'll leave and arrive on the 18th, but goodness are we ready!

    As we've gotten things underway for our trip I now firmly believe two things. One, it's easier to move to an international location than it is to travel to and from, and two, the impeccable customer service and basic good manners always evident in Japan will be sorely missed.

    Already we've been re-exposed to the delights of American customer service. Trying to figure out a few things on our flight home is not a picnic when the person on the other end expects you to do their job for them. Lovely.

    But we can put this aside. We're coming home in five days and could not be happier! There are so many people we are elated to see and places we'll be able to go. Just to hear those syrupy southern drawls and walk down familiar roads will be gift enough this Christmas.

    But as I may have already mentioned, Eldest has been asking what actual gifts I want this December 25th. I have really had to rack my brain, because there isn't anything I really need. Our apartment, on the other hand, could use a little color and southern charm.

    I began searching, and had the best time as I envisioned the things we could use, both within the realm of reality and not. Playing pretend has never been so fun! I even picked out a little baubble just for myself, and when I was done made two lists. The "unrealistic" gift list, and the "real" one.

    Are you ready?

    The "Slightly Unrealistic" Wish List

    Each of these are beautiful in their own way, but either due to cost or shipping to Tokyo, it's not in the realm of possibility at the moment.

    Ballard Design's Celon Beaded Chandelier


    Husband and I have been tossing around ideas for overhead lighting in our apartment as we've realized we really need some. IKEA has failed to impress on every level, and the one fixture we found locally was out of our price range. Figures doesn't it? I love, love, love this chandelier not only for the two sizes it comes in, but the utter femininity of the beading against the subtle iron work. It would tone down the modern edges of our apartment and could easily move from our current home to our next one. Unfortunately, Husband has vetoed any shipping of overhead lighting from home. Bah humbug!

    Stella & Dot's Charlotte Statement Necklace


    Stella & Dot, Stella & Dot...what can I say about this fabulous online jewelry company? Celebrities love them, the average woman loves them, and with very good reason. It's affordable elegance that every person can wear. This necklace unfortunately? One of the few that is juuuuust out of range. But it's so pretty and chunky~so unlike my normal jewelry tastes...I just can't help but love it!

    Gien's Solange Dinnerware and Serving Pieces


    I'm still drooling over Gien's Solange serving pieces and china. It's been over a year, I am still very fond of this rustic pattern, so I'm going to say my interest in them is not going anywhere. The thing is, I can't defend spending $50 on a single coffee mug. It's ridiculous. If you look for them on Ebay the pieces are certainly more affordable, so for my birthday I may treat myself to a serving platter (found on some discount site).

    Vintage Wool Throw via highstreetmarket on Etsy


    Have I ever mentioned that our apartment is very, very neutral? It has so many positives about it~including some of the furniture~but there needs to be a serious injection of color. I'm a throw junkie and this one is terrific. It's been dry cleaned, and I do love High Street Market's blog and Etsy store. The price is out there, though, so I think I'll look for something more colorful at home.

    Five more days!!!

    The "Realistic" Wish List

    Suzani Pillow Shams via Turquoise Tumbleweed on Etsy


    They're affordable, they have enough color to add some interest to the sofa without being overwhelming, and there are two available!!! The best part? They're both in the sizes that we need: 20x20. Love, love, love...

    Green Bamboo Vase via highstreetmarket on Etsy


    I love green. An outdoors-y gal I am not. Many years of suffering from asthma and terrible allergies made it near impossible for me to forge that bond. Thankfully as an adult I can appreciate nice, long walks and playing outside with my children. This lovely vase from highstreetmarket via Etsy is just one way of bringing those beautiful colors from the outside, in.

    Willow House's Galveston Step-Out Stand

    galveston step out stand

    This online catalogue has every Southern lady's design interest at heart. It is a smorgasbord of fabulous product after fabulous product. Since we host gatherings pretty often, this would be a wonderful way to store and display our dishes.

    Stella & Dot's Mini Bloom Flower Necklace


    It was the coral of the beads that caught my eye. What an unexpected pop of color! It's one of the much more affordable pieces by Stella & Dot and could easily be worn with a simple white-t or a black cashmere sweater. Either way it's such a charming necklace.

    Willow House's Villa Stoneware


    Yes, yes, yes another pretty from Willow House. I love basic white dishes. They go with everything. These are so darn lovely, though. The "organic shaping" along the rims is whimsical and for our kids, gives them a little something to hold onto when carrying dishes. Ok...it's good for adults to hold onto as well. Bonus? They're microwave, dishwasher, oven, and freezer safe.

    Anthropologie's Latte Bowl in Green


    Anthropologie has a very special place in my heart. It's funky, trendy, and often out of my comfort zone. I think that's part of the appeal. I am much more at ease with their products for the home. Dishware, towels, cookbooks...I could spend hours looking at everything~like these latte bowls. The green is a lovely color, don't you think?

    Goodness gracious I cannot wait to get home! I know we'll find things to bring back with us and maybe we'll find a few things on these lists while we're there. We can hope, right?

    What are y'all hoping for this Christmas?

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    The Wish Lists

    High Heeled Life said...

    Oh my friend , I'm so happy that you will be HOME for Christmas!!! What a magical gift for you all!! Safe journey .. and yes the customer service in North America, is self-serve...

    Loved both your lists!!HHL

    JMW said...

    I adore that Ballard Designs chandelier. I saw it in the catalog and loved it. Safe travels, my friend. I'm sure you're excited to see family and friends this holiday season!

    Casey said...

    I heart stella and dot. I am currently loving their bridal boutique!

    Meg said...

    i love all of your potential gift selections. Maybe if I do the same, my boyfriend (not trophy husband) will get me something too!!!

    I will try it!

    The Southern Lady said...

    HHL~Thank you! Not only for letting me participate in the fun Christmas Pen Pal group, but for your kind wishes. Merry Christmas to you as well!

    JMW~For obvious reasons we don't receive the BD catalogue, but I can still look online! I love their products and as they're pretty affordable, tempation always runs rampant!

    Casey~I completely understand your sentiments! Stella & Dot is such a wonderful boutique (and I totally see why you'd love the Bridal selections!)

    Meg~Lists are detrimental to make sure the gift giver (aka the Trophy Husband)is guided in the right direction. Ha! I can't wait to see your Nam list!!

    Ruth said...

    hmm! Maybe ideas for your birthday depending on what you receive next week.
    Can't wait to see you.