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    2011's Anti-Resolution

    Sunday, January 9, 2011

    Good evening from Tokyo and welcome 2011!

    It's been a long time, hasn't it, friends? I know we're all catching up with one another during this new year of possibilities and hope, so I'll chime in with my own little bit.


    For our family, plans have been made and new horizons lie before each of us. Despite our plans, however, who really knows what this next year holds. We can all cross our fingers that it's filled with nothing but good things, but as we know, to really appreciate those highs, sometimes we must touch upon some lows. Let's keep those lows to a minimum, allright New Year?


    Our time in the States kept us completely swept up in merriment and delight.


    We enjoyed every single moment with family and friends! How did we get so blessed?


    Many new memories were created by January first and our return home to Tokyo. We had a marvelous time!


    Unfortunately we brought illness with us into the New Year. (You'll note there are absolutely no pictures from here on out.)

    2011 has not started off with good health for some of us, but we're hoping to turn that corner very soon. If you're wondering where we've been since our return to Nihon, it's been in recovery.

    FACT: when suffering from a raging sinus infection, the last place you want to be is at 40,000 feet on a 12 1/2 hour flight. M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E.

    A little factoid, just in case you were interested!

    How could I possibly forget how terrible my allergies are in the South? They are just God awful. Besides the blood-thirsty mosquitoes in the hotter months, it's a huge detractor for the place that I love so dearly.

    The scallywag developed his own sinus/cold issues two days after we returned, which means aside from my own stuffy days and nights, he's been a little bundle of runny-nosed, time-confused misery.

    But as I said, we're hoping to turn that corner soon and as of this evening, seem to be at that point.

    Husband, on the other hand, was heard sniffling this morning...Should I be concerned?

    I continue to be thankful for Eldest's amazing health. She has the constitution of a fortified battle ship; nothing seems to get her and what a blessing that is! I pray that is always the case.

    Something new I've committed to is this: a resolution to not make resolutions. I do want to make improvements in my life: spiritually, emotionally, physically. But I think these things take time. To find any real fulfillment in any of these things setting an end-date goal feels unrealistic. I'm happy to take those thrills of accomplishment or moments of peace at unexpected times, perhaps when I'm most in need of them.

    God only knows.

    I'm just doing my best to live in the moments that, as I look back on pictures, tend to completely fly by. For January we'll find ourselves recovering from our bugs, settling back into Tokyo time, and adjusting to whatever needs adjusting.

    As things happen for us, with us, I'll be happy to let you know all about it. What I'd really like to do this month, though, is share those missed moments from 2010~moments I wanted to tell you about and forgot, or little blurbs that I'm recalling now that you may find entertaining.

    I hope you're all well and the New Year is being kind to you!

    This little ray of sunshine wishes you the best and cannot wait to see y'all in the funny pages.


    6 Responses to “
    2011's Anti-Resolution

    Ruth said...

    I love the picture of the Quon kiddos.
    I hope everyone is feeling well soon.
    Sorry I missed our call yesterday.

    Kerri said...

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your thoughtful and kind comments! I will definitely return the favor of prayer and I look forward to following your blog this year!
    We had the same sinus mess all through the holiday and the littlest and I are still getting over it - I think he may be rebounding. CanNOT imagine being in a plane with it!!

    Anna said...

    I'm so sorry to hear you were ill on your flight. That does, indeed, sound miserable!

    But your photos were lovely. So happy you could take your trip!

    Best wishes in this new year.

    midnight macaroons said...

    I'm so happy you stopped by my blog and introduced yourself. Your kids are sooooooo cute!!! I love the last picture of your youngest. He's adorable! And of course I noticed the Ole Miss shirt (thumbs up). My husband and I will be relocating to Jackson within the next 60 days from Houston. We've been in TX for nearly 6 years. My hubby's family is from MS but grew up in NOLA. Look forward to returning back to the South. TX is TX not the South. We drive over this week in search of our new home. Tokyo has always been extremely fascinating to me. I'm sure it's quite an experience to live there. Nice to meet you. You have a beautiful family. Look forward to reading future posts.


    JMW said...

    Such great photos! Sorry to hear most of the family was sick. We were hit with it too right before Christmas - the stomach bug. Blech. I'm sure being on an airplane with a sinus infection was horrible. Hope everyone is doing better now. Happy New Year to you and yours!

    Farmchick said...

    A very happy, and belated, Happy New Year to you. Hope things are getting back to normal and everyone is well, or at least somewhat better. I really enjoyed the photos of you travels back to Mississippi.