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    Looking Back: A Sri Lankan Festival

    Monday, January 17, 2011

    It's amazing how much more active we were in the peak of Summer! Tokyo's winter weather is just fine and not that off-putting. Still...our fingers get icy, I struggle to get my son to wear a hat while walking around, and as unseemly as this may be to admit, our noses start to get an annoying drip after a little while.

    It's very different when you don't have a car to protect you from the elements. You just have to put on your big girl panties along with your winter gear and get out and brave it. Don't misunderstand. It's not like we're in New York~we're actually the most south we've ever been.

    But being a real Big City Girl definitely has it's "ah-ha" and "I wish I had my car" moments.

    In any case, it's funny how we didn't seem to mind glowing to death on sweltering days (though I know we really did).


    On one of those hot days in September the children and I headed out to the area of Harajuku for a Sri Lankan festival.


    Our maid is from Sri Lanka, and she didn't seem to impressed with all of the hullabaloo, but I figured when in Rome...

    It's a treat to expose the children to different cultures. They love to get out and about, and I like being able to catch a glimpse of the tastes, sights, and sounds of other lands.


    It stirs my blood.

    We met up with some friends before heading out and watched the Elvis dancers for a while. My Lord are they entertaining!


    Better known as the Rockabilly Boys, these men, and some women, pay homage to the King by donning his trademark 'do, and clothes resembling those from Elvis' Rockabilly days. And then they dance.


    They are a joy to watch!




    And they have the most fun as they jump, jive, and shake their hips!


    Elvis would be delighted with their tribute.


    We parted ways with our friends after a little while, and as the heat really was starting to pour down, headed past the beautiful dresses,


    the outrageous and fun earrings,


    and straight to the soft serve stand. I know two young people who were beside themselves with happiness!



    Will you look at those red cheeks? They both looked ready to burst into little balls of flames.

    The children both enjoyed their frosty treats as we walked the grounds of the festival. We watched women in their traditional garb, dancers perform on stage, and festival revelers picnic in style!




    For the most part we walked around taking in everything~which was what we had set out to do in the first place. It was special, though, as we went in fearlessly, and without Husband the tour guide.

    Tokyo is constantly playing host to other cultures and their celebrations, just as they do for their own. It's one of the greatest things we get to experience as expats. This blog has really become a great scrapbook, and for that I'm so thankful it was started.

    Where else would I document these memories? How else could I share them with family and friends?

    Now that we're all in better health and well-rested, I'm looking forward to seeing what winter festivals Tokyo will have. They'll be worth braving the elements for.

    And maybe this time I'll pick up a little something sassy...


    Or not.

    A lovely Monday to you all!

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    Looking Back: A Sri Lankan Festival

    High Heeled Life said...

    Looks like a fabulous time .. thanks for sharing such beautiful photos!! Can't wait for the warm weather here too! brrrrrr its bitter cold...stay warm my friend...xo HHL

    Ruth said...

    Oh come on Beth you know that last shirt would look fab on you. :)

    2PreppyGirls.com said...

    SO SO SO MARVELOUS!!!! I am so glad that you posted on my blog so I could find you!! What a wonderful and intriguing blog to follow!!

    I would loooove to be there with you - SOMEDAY!!!

    Can't wait to read more; nice to "meet" you!!

    Collars Up!!