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    Mr. Potato Head Meets Ugly Wanda

    Saturday, January 15, 2011

    I didn't grow up with a Mr. (or Mrs.) Potato Head, but many of us did. It always bothered me that somehow you were supposed to fit all of the bits and pieces into this little space in the back of Mr. Potato Head.

    Because somehow they never fit.

    Imagine my delight when my dear friend Ruth, aka Aunt Ruth, surprised the scallywag with his very first Mr. Potato Head for Christmas. I really was happy though. What made this one so wonderful? Besides all the extra pieces to create with, it also came inside its own carrying case. It's called, aptly enough, Mr. Potato Head's Silly Suitcase.


    Hallelujah, problem for storage solved!

    Within days of our return to Tokyo, the little one was happily putting his Mr. Potato Head together and taking him back apart. He stopped only after he discovered his favorite combination.


    Lord help the person who attempted to alter the spud. The scallywag wasn't having any of it.

    The funny thing was that I thought Mr. Potato Head looked like someone I had seen before. Seriously.


    I had to sit back, look hard at this little toy and think about why it could even remotely look like anyone I'd seen before...and then it hit me.

    in living color

    Did y'all ever watch "In Living Color"? It was a comedy show created by the Wayans brothers in the 1990's and helped to launch the careers of Jim Carrey, J. Lo, and Jamie Foxx. It was pretty darn funny, at times it could be crude, and the show certainly didn't believe in being politically correct. My parents and I spent many a Sunday night laughing due to this half-hour show.

    But let's go back to Mr. Potato Head...and Jamie Foxx.

    He used to do a skit with a character called "Ugly Wanda". It was always the same bit: Wanda, an overly-exaggerated unfortunate looking woman, on the search for romance, scared the living daylights out of all her suitors due to her appearance and mannerisms. Wanda thought she was the bees knees, of course, which made the situation all the more hilarious. Jamie Foxx would contort his face into the most ridiculous expressions while in character and those faces greatly resembled that of our current Mr. Potato Head.




    Back to Mr. Potato Head...


    and back to Wanda.


    Now whenever I enter our living room and catch a glimpse of the scallywag's Mr. Potato Head, I have a sudden urge to break out with a sassy snap of the fingers and a: "I'm red'ta go."

    Enjoy this blast from the past and a good laugh. I know we did!

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    Mr. Potato Head Meets Ugly Wanda

    Ruth said...

    When I first saw the title I was worried somehow it got destroyed on the way back. So glad he is enjoying it. and all I could think was to funny he is the one who wants it to stay on the cop and not H.

    Kerri said...

    At first I was thinking Al Roker, but the teeth make it Wanda. I LOVED that show, and Wanda was always hysterical and a bit pitiful trying to "rock yo world".
    My boys LOVE Mr. Potato Head and will play with him for hours - but like your son, my 3 year old only wants it done one certain way.
    I cannot count the times I have put that trap door back on as it pops off so easily as they shove stuff in and out of his "too small" storage spot.

    Kerri said...

    By the way - your versatile blog has been "awarded" here:


    2PreppyGirls.com said...

    DYING LAUGHING!!!! You are too funny!!!