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    Simply Southern Saturdays

    Friday, January 28, 2011

    Right now I would love a warm, rich slice of the french toast casserole I prepared a little over a week ago.


    Topped with a delicious streusel, as well as butter and maple syrup, it was a little slice of heaven.



    We all thought so.


    Unfortunately, it's long since disappeared, and after spending most of yesterday afternoon in a lovely hospital with severe abdominal pains my diet is about to get a radical makeover until my stomach has healed.

    Blandsville USA here we come!

    But just because I can't enjoy a little slice of french toast goodness doesn't mean y'all can't.

    Recipe to come...

    3 Responses to “
    Simply Southern Saturdays

    Fashion Meets Food said...

    Now doesnt this just look wonderful! I just found your blog and am absolutely loving it. I am your newest follower!


    Ruth said...

    It looks yummy!

    Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

    Oooh I;ve never thought to add the topping. Looks fabulous! I LOVE breakfast casseroles and need to figure out a good gluten free french toast option for myself.