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    The Joy Of Love: Days 4 & 5

    Sunday, February 6, 2011

    Good evening all! I bet you're all preparing for the Superbowl in one way or another. May you all have a wonderful time!

    Our weekend is almost over, but it's been nicely filled. I've been working on the "The Joy of Love" project through Willette Photography, and since I joined a few days in, I'm working in both a forwards and backwards direction.

    I'll have Days 1-3 this week. For now I'd love to share Days 4 & 5.


    Day Four
    What They Wear

    One of the great things about this challenge is that you don't need to have the same subject for your pictures. This makes sense to me, simply because you don't have only one person in your heart. For this first day I had both of the children as my subjects and as I soon discovered, the pictures that I wanted to take didn't want to be taken.

    What I mean is this: I had a vision and I wanted to photograph that vision. However...what was in my minds' eye did not translate well into pictures. Oh the ever loving frustration. I had to think a little outside the box and away from what I was used to.

    So I snapped away, until I started feeling more inspired, and the eyes behind the camera started to look in another direction.

    I think it worked out nicely!

    Eldest is not a girly-girl. Comfort always comes before style, and though always well-dressed, there is definitely a casual feel to her look.


    This perfectly represents my daughter's tastes: a stylish cardigan over a soft, well-worn shit from J. Crew, and her favorite pair of jeans. It is not even remotely surprising that a football is in her hands!

    The scallywag, on the other hand, surprises us by what he loves to wear daily. His latest love? Wearing everyone else's shoes!


    His sister's slippers are by far his favorite go-to pair while wandering the halls of our home.

    Day Five
    Love To Hate

    Hate is a really strong word and it's used far too casually for what it really implies. I constantly encourage my daughter to find a better way to describe how she feels if she doesn't like something, because as long as I've been on this Earth, I have known despising, I have encountered those feelings of loathing and disgust. But hate? I don't know if I've ever truly felt that deep, dark feeling.

    Day Five's challenge obviously doesn't expect us to go there. It's just asking us to photograph something that drives us crazy about the people we love.

    I'm sure we all have little mental lists concerning our loved ones. But it's because we love them that we can often gloss over those little quirks and foibles. In fact, maybe they make us smile at times.

    In recent months the scallywag has taken to sneaking out of bed during his naps...


    and during the night. He usually goes right back to sleep once we gently place him back under the covers~and truly, who can get upset with that mischievous little smile? Still...le sigh...it does drive me up the wall.

    It's right up there with eldest's preoccupation with her iPhone. She has it for safety reasons (we're in earthquake country and her school is over an hour away from home), but there are times I wished there weren't games available to her. Ok. I'll confess. I'm also a little unnerved by how tech savvy she is. Ok. I'll confess again. Being tech savvy does have its upside!


    I'm not concerned about her choices, just that sometimes she's a bit too preoccupied by things such as her "Words with Friends" games. I'm comforted by the fact that the iPhone not always in her hand and she can bear to be separated from it. That said, I still feel this is only a sign of things to come~she is almost a teenager, after all!

    Frightening and wonderful...just like this project. Forcing myself to look through the lens in a different way and try to capture something that can sometimes be elusive is tricky.

    But it's so much fun and I'm glad to be in the company of so many during this great Challenge.

    A lovely Sunday to you all! I'll be back with a little more Valentine's and a bit more of the Birthday wish list.


    2 Responses to “
    The Joy Of Love: Days 4 & 5

    Beth Dunn said...

    Lovely photos, you are very talented!

    Ruth said...

    I love the photos.
    The niece is certainly her father's child. And I love she is more concerned about comfort like her wonderful aunt. :)
    And you are in for some fun with that nephew of mine if he keeps getting up from his naps.