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    Not A Plain "Jane" & Two Prayers

    Wednesday, February 16, 2011

    For several years now I've been keeping a secret. I've been harboring an intense love for a Jazz musician I'm pretty sure most of you have never even heard of.

    Her name?

    Jane Monheit.


    She's who I'm loving on "What I'm Loving Wednesday".


    I've been listening to her dulcet, velvety voice since we first moved to Charlotte, North Carolina almost six years ago. Between her sultry beauty and her golden pipes, she's a gem~not only in the Jazz world, but the music one in general.

    I'm still not sure how I came upon her. Perhaps it was a moment of serendipity due to Pandora and my taste in music. Either way, the moment she began to croon "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", my heart lept for joy! It has been years since someone moved me with a performance, and on every level, Jane delivers.

    Funnily enough, even though I know she's an obscure artist within my circle of friends, the first week of our new lives in Tokyo gave me such a surprise: Jane was performing in the city that week! Unfortunately I didn't make it. Exhaustion and managing a new time table made it impossible.

    But I did consider it a good omen for our new home across the Pacific.

    Give this dazzling gal a listen and enjoy! Your ears will thank you for such an enchanting treat!

    On a more random, and somber note, my heart goes out to two families this morning...

    Shelby Leonard, an 8th grader at Sacred Heart, my New Orleans Alma Mater, passed away after a tragically sudden and brief fight with cancer. While I pray for God's tender mercies to be with her family and friends during their time of loss, I am filled with awe in how the New Orleans community rallied together to donate blood on Shelby's behalf, hoping someone would have the rare blood-type that could save her life. If you are in the New Orleans area, please join our Sacred Heart family on February 28th for a blood drive in Shelby's honor.

    My prayers are also with the Auburn family this morning. While I'm an Ole Miss gal through and through, any enmity I have towards the school ends at the football field and is truthfully all done in good sport. It didn't matter that our Rebels had an awful season this year. I was thrilled to bits when Auburn brought the SEC the ultimate victory in 2010. That was something to be proud of. Unfortunately, not everyone agreed. Recently someone laced Auburn's entire grove of trees, also known as Toomer's Corner, with a lethal amount of herbicides. Chances are the entire grove will be lost. Not only is it tragic because of the loss of something so natural and beautiful, but because someone was so filled with anger they felt this was the only way they could express themselves. I applaud the school for calling alumni and friends to uphold its reputation for class, and not allow anger to be expressed inappropriately or undeservedly.

    I know that if such a thing happened to the Grove, which all Ole Miss alums and students adore, I would hope the same request would be made, as well as prayers offered for the person who did this. Truly, this individual is an unhappy soul.

    I wish you all the best this week! It's been filled with ups and downs for us all, so I encourage you all to focus on those "up" moments. They are too precious to ignore.

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    Not A Plain "Jane" & Two Prayers

    daphne ⧼flip flops and pearls⧽ said...

    I am so sorry to hear about this young lady. My prayers are with them all. I am sorry your heart is so heavy. ((((hugs)))) sweetie. cxoo