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    Perchance To Dream

    Tuesday, February 8, 2011

    It has been a very long week at Chez Quon. Ever since last Wednesday the scallywag has been waking up at the ungodly hour of 3 AM and declaring it his new wake up time. It didn't matter that he was consistently walked back to bed, he would not stay in his bed and it would take a good while for him to go back to sleep.

    We experienced something like this last summer. It lasted about a month before he went back to sleeping through the night. Many pediatricians believe these moments of wakefulness occur when a child is going through significant areas of development. Their little brains are so full of new activity and the new things they're learning/absorbing that they just have a very difficult time shutting down when it's time to rest.


    We're blessed that the scallywag takes a good nap, sleeps well in those other nighttime hours, and has a pretty cheerful disposition even with interrupted sleep. His attention span is shorter, but I'll take that over a grumpy child any day!

    With it being day 7 of the Scallywag Sleep Shenanigans and the rain just changing to snow, it looks like our day will be spent primarily indoors. The little guy is happy enough to play with his Little People Farm and watch a few "Little Bear" episodes, so this should be fine.

    We'll miss getting out for a few hours of fresh air, and any run to the market will have us covered in icy raindrops, but it should be a fairly quiet day.

    This is nice, still...this Mama would love a day off (or at least a few hours) to recoup from the past week. My birthday falls during an unfortunate time of year, however, as Husband is smack in the middle of his busy season. I feel guilty wishing for "time off" when I know my husband is running on little to no sleep during these months, but I'm sure he has his own wish list for a recovery day as well.

    So we'll both be free to dream, right?

    On my day off, I'd head towards Chiyoda and the Royal Palace. Located off of a cobblestone street is the grand Peninsula Hotel.


    A home away from home for many of the rich and famous, the Peninsula brings luxury to a new level. From the moment you walk through their elegantly appointed lobby, you'll feel an immediate sense of calm.


    Photo courtesy of Scott Dunn

    I would head beyond the quiet bustle of the Lobby and towards my waiting masseuse the hotel Spa.


    With its Zen-like decor, tranquility settles upon the most wearied of shoulders once crossing its threshold. After a lovely massage, facial, and mani-pedi, I'd change into a lovely wool dress, heels, and pearls. Fully at ease, I would now be able to return to the Lobby and take part in what the Peninsula is most famous for: their High Tea.


    Considering all Peninsula Hotel's were built by the British, the art of High Tea is a perfected practice by those in their employment.


    I would sit back with a cup of tea, and sip my champagne while enjoying tea sandwiches and scones with clotted cream. Perhaps one of the many books I've been meaning to read would be in hand, and as the hours passed I could loose myself in their pages.


    Afterwards, I would head down to the Peninsula Boutique & Cafe to grab some of their fabulous macaroons for Eldest and for the scallywag...


    their signature Page Bear. Because as much as I do love time to myself, the children are always in my thoughts and I miss them even when I'm away for only a few hours.

    I would return home refreshed, enlightened, and rejuvenated from a day of polished pampering and decadent delights. It would be a day I'd appreciate, and would hope to repeat with Eldest in the future~at least the High Tea portion.

    I know I'd miss not having her with me to enjoy it!

    Just thinking of a day like this has calmed my tired mind, friends.

    Do you all take little mental breaks or make little wishes when you're tired or stressed? Does it help you to unwind? What sort of things help you to rejuvenate at the end of a day?

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    Perchance To Dream

    Ruth said...

    May I request a visit there when I am there this fall.

    Fashion Meets Food said...

    Oh my goodness I want to visit!