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    Pink & Red All Over

    Thursday, February 3, 2011

    With February in an upswing, pink and red are in abundance everywhere. I thought I'd share a few of the pink and red things that have been catching my fancy!

    One thing the Japanese have that I wish we had more of in America is an enormous selection of juices. I love fruit juice~as does this little guy with shaggy hair!


    You will find every kind and combination in cafes and in the markets. What I'm loving most these days?

    My creation

    Gokuri's Pink Grapefruit and Kirin's Peach Juice. Anything by these two companies is guaranteed deliciousness~they're huge in Japan. The grapefruit is probably a big no-no due to my stomach, so I've been drinking only a very little. The peach, on the other hand, I've been enjoying quite often!

    These peppermint frappes from December's Southern Living are high on my "To Make" list!

    peppermint-patty-frappes-jennifer davick buffy hargett

    Photo courtesy of Jennifer Davick and Buffy Hargett

    Can you think of anything more scrumptious to delight in this February? I intend to make ours family friendly so the children can enjoy as well, and if you want to try one of these minty libations, you can find them here.

    I'm a pajama kind of gal, and love my Brooks Brother's to death. They also seem to have been worn to death~or at least two of them have. Pine Cone Hill is a wonderful online site that has tons of neat items for you and your home.


    They even have gorgeous pajama sets, both in regular length and capri for the warmer months. This blue apple blossom set caught my eye right away. Feel free to file this under "My Birthday Wish List"! Considering all the Blossom festivals Japan celebrates, these night clothes aren't only pretty as can be, but fitting as well!

    The children and I have been enjoying the sweet treats our maid, Siriya, brought us on her return from Sri Lanka.


    From talking to her while she was with us yesterday, she had a nice enough holiday at home, but there were some rough spots. I won't go into details, but prayers for her and her family would be nice. She's such a wonderful woman, and has the biggest heart. Every year she hosts what she calls "a tea" for all the children who are poor and homeless and this year she said the numbers were so great. Something doesn't seem right when the people who give and give seem to have the most taken.

    It's just the reminder the children and I needed. Because as much as we want for things, it is really important to give.

    I've recently joined Tokyo Mothers Group and as they have many purposes~besides getting me out of the apartment for play dates twice a month~they also have volunteer opportunities. I hope to find one that I can contribute to. There are two I may be able to bring the scallywag to, but further investigating is necessary. I'll let you all know how it turns out.

    A lovely Friday to you all and a happy weekend! Are your days filled with lots of pink and red?

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    Pink & Red All Over

    High Heeled Life said...

    Those juices look so delish!! I find I miss the rich yogurt of Paris and Peru ... Will be checking out Pine Cone Hill ..thanks for the heads up on that site.... Prayers and thoughts for your maid's family and friends. it is so great to give back, and being able to take the little one is so great.

    Happy Friday my friend! xo HHL

    Heather said...

    I have fond memories of our girls old playgroup in TN.