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    Simply Southern Saturdays: A Valentine's Project

    Friday, February 11, 2011

    Southern or not, most gals I know love these two things: silver and flowers. As Valentine's is fast approaching, I'm sure many will be receiving a beautiful arrangement. But what about making one?

    Inspired by the multitude of roses lined up outside the street markets, I decided to make a bowl of everlasting roses for my sweetest girl.

    What are everlasting roses? Simply put, they're handcrafted buds formed out of paper. You can use felt if you want more realistic looking roses, but using card stock or even construction paper will do in a pinch!

    Mothers out there~this is a wonderful project for you and your children to do together and make excellent gifts for teachers or other loved ones. They'll always look back at this gift with a happy heart.

    Here's what you do!

    Start with your bowl of choice. For Eldest I pulled one of my Revere bowls down, then polished it until it gleamed.


    I then went to work deciding upon a color for her everlasting roses. Eldest isn't fond of pink, and red seemed a little "done", so I chose a happy, vibrant color: yellow.

    At this point I almost changed my mind and exchanged the Revere bowl for a blue and white. It would have looked stunning! Silver has such a timeless look, though, and secretly I knew the shiny quality of the bowl would thrill my daughter.

    Then I began crafting the flowers. For the first two I used a pen to draw a spiral. It made it much easier to see how the form of the rose would be formed.


    Then I cut along the line until it was at the center.


    Not seeing a rose yet, are we?


    I didn't think so! I began rolling the paper all the way towards the center of the spiral and once it was almost there, I gently squeezed the paper until it had the delicate, crinkly shape of a rose.


    I taped the bottom (use a few drops of fabric glue if you use felt or a heavier material), then stood back to examine my first rose. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't what I envisioned either. I went back to work, happier with my next results.


    Aren't they lovely?

    Eight roses later I was ready to place them in Eldest's first Revere bowl...


    and the end result made me so happy I did a jump for joy!




    I hope my sweet girl enjoys her bowl of everlasting flowers and jumps for joy as well. She's been kindly asked to not check the blog for the next few days so her surprise isn't spoiled, and I think she'll be good about it. She has plenty of other things to keep her busy!

    Math projects, closet cleaning, reading, and playing...who knows what else we'll find ourselves participating in this weekend?

    A lovely one to you and yours!

    I'll see y'all on Monday!

    5 Responses to “
    Simply Southern Saturdays: A Valentine's Project

    Kerri said...

    These are wonderful! I may try this out :))
    I love the cherry blossoms, too! They are "practically" perfect ;)

    Ruth said...

    I am sure Maddy will enjoy them.

    Fashion Meets Food said...

    Oh my word how neat is this! Very cute! Happy Valentine's Day


    Beth Dunn said...

    They are SO cute! Love them

    Katie@Yoga Gal said...

    I love that you used yellow- what a bright and cheerful (and cute) idea! Thank you for dropping by Yoga Gal last week! :D