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    Welcome February!!

    Monday, January 31, 2011

    Happy February, all!

    I don't know about you, but this month is a little special to me. For one, as a New Orleans gal this month is all about celebrating Fat Tuesday, or as we natives call it, Mardi Gras.


    Laissez les bon temps rouler, mes amis!


    I hope to order a King Cake from our family friends, the Haydel's, so we can enjoy one before the season is over. Also, I think it would be nice to share. King Cake, coffee, red beans and rice...can you think of a more wonderful meal to have with friends?


    February is also the month for all that football madness culminating in the Super Bowl.


    Courtesy of Getty Images/Ronald Martinez

    Last year was extraordinarily special. The New Orleans Saints brought victory to our city! It was an emotional win filled with tears, laughter, and humility. We'd never been prouder to call New Orleans our home, and even though they didn't pull a repeat this year (and let's be honest, no one ever has), it hasn't taken any shine from their much deserved triumph. Bless those boys!

    February is more widely known for Valentines Day. I've never understood why many people dread this day. The commercialism aside, at its heart, to me, this day is about celebrating the love you have with the people in your lives. That's just how I was brought up.

    Loves the Mimi


    Signing the Ball

    Dee Dee

    I understand that we want to spend that day with a special someone. But we can take comfort knowing we already have special someones. Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, relatives, friends...there are numerous people that we love and share our lives with. I think there's alot of hullabaloo out there that renders us a little crazy around this time.



    nikon 068


    I try to have fun projects around the house for the children, and maybe give them a little something special on the 14th.

    Feb 2 2009 020.JPG1

    For the most part we focus on us and our relationships. We try to do this every day, but on Valentine's we take the time to really celebrate them.

    I'll celebrate with you, too, if you'd like!

    February is a month that also holds personal meaning. I was born this month, after all! The 15th marks the day I made my grand debut into this world, and each year I relish the days as it approaches.


    I've never been one to mind getting older. I embrace the years as they go by for the simple fact that life really does get better with each passing year! At 29 I never imagined I'd be able to have another child, let alone live in a foreign country several years after that. Did I ever envision singing on stage at the Kennedy Center or in a world competition choir festival in Gorizia, Italy when I was 16? Never!

    It only goes to show how unpredictable and exciting the future can be. I've been blessed with countless friendships, some which have been maintained, others which have, sadly, faded, but to think that some of my best and closest came in my later 20's never would have crossed my mind.

    These next few days I'm celebrating a few of these special moments with thoughts and projects...maybe a little look into my birthday wish list as well!

    Let's kick it off with these beauties, shall we?

    juliska berry and thread

    juliska berry and thread1

    juliska berry and thread2

    Juliska's Berry and Thread teapot, sugar bowl, and creamer top my list this year. Why? Because all of my teapots are in storage, I don't have a creamer and sugar bowl for entertaining, and taking tea with Eldest isn't quite as easy (or stylish) without the proper serving pieces.

    Husband will tell you I've been on the hunt for a sugar and creamer since our move to Tokyo, but they're either ridiculously priced, or ugly as sin. Juliska is a lovely combination of form, style, and really has that casual elegance that reminds me of the South.

    Don't y'all agree?

    Why it's taboo to make a to do about your birthday once you're past the age of 21 I'll never understand. I'm thrilled to be alive. I'm fortunate to have one to celebrate. God has blessed me with enriched years, and I'm still so young!

    What will be next? What joys and wonders will the next few years bring? I can only imagine. I pray for health and happiness, grace and guidance, forgiveness and fortitude, not only for me, but for my children, my family, and my friends.

    Welcome February! I'm so glad you're here.

    7 Responses to “
    Welcome February!!

    Ruth said...

    You came oh so close to both of us being holiday babies. :)
    To bad I already got your present now to just get it in the box and shipped. Let's see if I remember these by the time December rolls back around.
    And you know me I don't care much for Valentine's day but I love doing stuff for the niece and nephews.
    love ya

    The Southern Lady said...

    Did you seriously get me something? Ruth you are so sweet, thank you! You don't need to grab any Juliska, though. I think the Hubster may come through (it's his plan B~maybe).

    Haha! We were both so close weren't we? And you know I love you. Can I be your Valentine?

    Ruth said...

    Of course I did. It will be shipped tomorrow.
    Yes, you can be my valentine.

    The Southern Lady said...

    Yay! Love you!

    Aspiring Kennedy said...

    i love february, too! and i never had a boyfriend during one until after i was married... i still felt like there were people that i wanted to pamper & spoil!

    i've never tried king cake. ah! can you believe it? is it good??

    Andrea said...

    The Dallas Cowboys have "pulled a repeat". :)

    The Southern Lady said...

    Andrea~Hahaha! Just don't tell Madeline. That has been her only consolation this season. I hope you, Rob, and Grant are feeling better!

    Lauren~I'm so happy to meet another like-minded person when it comes to Valentines. My daughter, Madeline, is almost at that tender age when the heart certainly does become more involved, so I hope my parenting pays off with her. Also, you *must* order a King Cake. Haydel's Bakery in New Orleans ships internationaly! They're family friends, so we always purchase their scrumptious cakes. They're round, doughy cakes filled with cinnamon and sugar, then topped with sweet icing and more sugar in our Mardi Gras colors of purple, green, and gold. Haydel's always sends extra Carnival things along with the King Cake, but the tradition is, whoever gets the baby in the King Cake is supposed to purchase the next. Of course, being as we're both abroad, we just pretend it means you have extra luck! I do hope you get to try some!