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    Thursday, March 3, 2011

    Green is everywhere.

    Maybe it's because Spring is steadily approaching, maybe it's because I love the color, maybe because it's March the shade is simply unavoidable.

    Sometimes I theorize my eyes continue to catch green and its varying hues because they remind me of the stately magnolia and oak trees from home. I love home. I love the trees and flora (even if they don't love me back).

    Green tends to make me feel refreshed and energized. Does it have that effect on you as well?

    Here are a few of the green beauties that have recently been spied with my blue eyes...

    ~These gorgeous linen pillow shams from trendypillows shop on Etsy (and they're on the way to our apartment as we speak!!)


    ~This grumpy green little gator aka our Scallywag. He did not have a fun time at Kindermusik last week and was not afraid to let everyone know it. Le sigh. Stubborn, precious child. We will mold that trait and forge it into something good!


    ~Two pretty little plants I picked up to go in pots from IKEA.


    ~The green flecks from our crushed up sour cream and onion chips.


    Why crushed you ask? Because we intended to coat our chicken with it! It's a little dish we call Chipper Chicken.

    Here's a before and after since I know you're curious!



    And yes, it was delicious. Just ask my children.

    ~Of course, no round up of green would be complete without the ever popular Thin Mint cookie box.

    thin mints

    Husband may have ordered a few boxes...or 18. In the interest of being polite, please don't ask us how many are left.

    ~A favorite florist of mine in Azabu Juban always has gorgeous displays and beautiful flowers...


    and Spring blossoms are everywhere we look!

    ~My favorite coffee shop with the green straw has a new drink on the menu!


    Sakura? I know, it was completely foreign to me as well, so I had to look it up. Apparaently the Japanese Starbuck's make this very special drink once a year to celebrate the cherry blossoms (also called sakura). Served either hot or cold, these beverages are made with sweet, freeze-dried sakura petals. If served warm, the drink is a combination of frothed milk with petals, and if served cold, it's mixed with sakura, sweet red bean powder, and topped with sakura flavored chocolate shavings.

    Interesting tid-bit: it takes a year to make the freeze-dried sakura. It's such an exotic treat, you know it will have to be tried at least once. I'll let y'all know how it tastes!

    What pretty green treasures have been catching your eye?

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    maria said...

    AHHH Elizabeth, I love everything on here!! Love sakura...I meant to get the starbucks sakura mug....i bet they have them again....are you gonna go see the cherry blossoms? Also we just finished off a box of thin mints almost in one setting, yep.
    looks like you are really embracing everything there, you go girl.....fun times!!!! I completely miss everything about okinawa, but your keeping it alive for me, thanks honey!!

    The Southern Lady said...

    Maria, I'm happy to pick up a mug for you! If you don't mind offering up your addy, just send it to my email on my blog page and I'll ship a little taste of Japan back to y'all!

    Your Southern Peach said...

    Thank you for stopping by today and I'm really happy to have found you too! Your children are beautiful and I love that your sharing your southern charm with the Japanese. I had the pleasure to visit Tokyo in 2008 and fell in love with the city and the people. I look forward to following you on your adventure too!

    Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

    I love the plants in pots to go at IKEA, takes all the work out of planting! What about the sour cream and onion chicken? Do you coat in egg first? That sounds very yummy. As for the drink, I know very little about Japanese culture, but I do know what Sakura means from singing a Japanese song about the blossoms in my college choir. I hear the blossoms are just amazing when they are in bloom. Happy Friday!

    Maja said...

    The flecks of green in my Husband's eyes.

    Ruth said...

    I am so sad he didn't enjoy his class last week.
    I love those pillows. The chicken looks yummy.