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    Greetings from Guam

    Sunday, March 20, 2011

    Good afternoon from Tumon Bay!


    As many of you already know, we planned to leave for Guam this morning so we could spend a few days relaxing on a beach for Eldest's spring break. Once the earthquake struck, however, her school decided to close a week early due to possible power outages and transportation issues. This, coupled with other factors, had us changing our plans. In lieu of waiting 5 more days, we left Tokyo via Narita Airport bright and early Thursday morning.

    Let me show you what the streets of Tokyo looked like before we departed.



    Empty. People scurried about quickly, going only to and from work. There was definite tension in the air and a sense of unease. No one will deny that.

    That said, let me be the first to reassure you all that Tokyo is fine. Certain food items are hard to find simply because some roads are hard to cross for delivery services. There have been no riots of any sort, and any radiation found is so minimal it's less than what you'd be exposed to if you flew on an airplane.

    Speaking of airplanes...here is what the Narita terminal looked like the morning we left.


    It was incredibly busy, but the Japanese worked through the huge throng of people in record time. I cannot say enough good things about the airline employees. They were efficient, calm, and always helpful. They were a shining example of grace under pressure during a crisis. There were hundreds before us and we were checked in within 45 minutes! Security and immigration took only about 10.

    It was nothing like the hordes at the airport when the crisis first hit. For that, we are forever thankful.

    We made our flight, arrived in Guam tired and rumpled,


    but look what awaited us!


    Blue skies, warm, sandy beaches, flowers in vibrant colors...it was the respite we so desperately needed. I could actually feel the tension draining once my toes dipped into the surf.





    The children continue to do wonderfully. They are a true testament to the resilience of a child's spirit. Husband and I have really felt the difference. No aftershocks, we can watch the news without a growing sense of dread, and feel better about our return this Friday.

    We've been enjoying our time on the private beach, sipping tropical drinks and champagne, and taking in the island's local flavor, but we've also been keeping in touch with friends and co-workers in Tokyo. For some there was no leaving, for others, they returned to the US or their home in another country.

    We feel very confident that all will be well and our return home this week will be a safe one. We've continued to be abreast as to what is happening at home, and talking with our families as we make our decisions.

    We hope you all are well and thank you again for all your concern and prayers. Please continue to keep all of Japan close to your hearts. Your aid, in whichever way you have given it, will help lift them up.

    Take care and we'll see you soon~hopefully back in Tokyo!


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    Greetings from Guam

    Ruth said...

    Looks like y'all are having a blast. enjoy the fun in the sun!!!

    Royar said...

    So thankful y'all were able to make it out of Tokyo easily and glad that y'all are able to relax and de-stress! Your family is so beautiful! Have a wonderful week!



    Your Southern Peach said...

    You look gorgeous and I'm sure the vacation could not have come at a better time!

    Suburban Princess said...

    I am glad to hear you got away for some R&R. Looks like you are having a lovely time!

    CCC said...

    You look beautiful , Children and Husband rested and happy. St. Joseph has been deluged with prayers for you all as well as all of Japan.

    Linda said...

    Guam looks terrific. We spent about a day and a half in Guam as we were returning to Seoul from Hawaii but our stay wasn't nearly as restful, or pretty, as yours.
    I think the empty Tokyo street you pictured was as disturbing as the other pictures of massive damage I've seen. I think of busy streets 24/7 when I think of Tokyo. History is still being written in Japan but even the sensation-loving news outlets are showing that there is movement toward returning to normal life apparent in Japan in the south and west, however slight. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and keep us all posted. "Southern Blossoms" is terrific!!!

    Casey said...

    beth - I LOVE that necklace... did you happen to get it in the states...?

    Kathleen said...

    Keeping y'all and all of Japan in my prayers. Enjoy vacation. Did you hit Kmart?

    Rambling Girl said...

    Love the necklace you have on!!! Beautiful pictures of your family! The beach does look inviting...yes, I still have Japan in my thoughts and prayers, as well as your family!

    MLS said...

    I love how your "tired and rumpled" would be my "dressed up!" lol

    MLS said...

    I love that your "tired and rumpled" would be my "dressed up!" lol

    Kerri said...

    My heart smiles for you! It is so wonderful that you had this trip planned already - what perfect (albeit Divine) timing. God bless!

    Mrs. Cozy Home said...

    We have something in common -- I have the exact engagement ring and wedding ring!

    Great minds... ;)

    Michelle said...

    Glad you are enjoying your vacation with your beautiful family.