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    The Morning After

    Friday, March 11, 2011



    That's how I feel this morning~even more so than last night. I continue to be humbled by the outpouring of love and support, the prayers you, my friends, have offered up for us and those devastated by yesterday's earthquake and tsunami. Tears have sprung to my eyes more times than I can count. How blessed are we to have so many good people praying over us?

    Thank you all for your concern, your warm words. The magnitude of your care has brought me to my knees in thanks.

    Headaches caused by the constant shifting and aftershocks have faded, and though we are still experiencing slight ones even 18 hours later, there is a gentleness to it all. The worst, for us, is over.

    Here is an update...

    Husband made it home safely, and we ate dinner together as a family. What a moment to savor! For many, they can no longer do something so...simple. Something we completely take for granted. More than ever, I am thankful we always sit at a table to discuss our days.

    Interstates were shut down, as were the subway systems and trains. Rental car lots were eerily empty and many trudged home on very long walks as normal transportation was not an option. Main roads were gridlocked for hours, easily into the early hours of the morning.


    Rather absently we counted our blessings that Eldest did not have school yesterday. We were equally glad her parent-teacher conference had been on Thursday. If that hadn't been the case she could have still been at school. Or arrived home at 1:30 AM as several buses finally did. To think that I wouldn't have known how she was, where she was...to think that I couldn't touch her hand or hug her tore at my heart.

    I did a lot of extra hugging yesterday, particularly with Eldest.

    As expected, she is managing beautifully. While she thought yesterday's shaking was "cool", a part of her felt the gravity of the situation. She carried her stuffed tiger around with her and snuggled with an extra blanket last night. This morning she is back to playing a football game on her Daddy's iPad and sipping tea. All is well.


    The scallywag is happily munching on caramel donut sticks right now. Sweet boy didn't wasn't able to comprehend all of yesterday's excitement, but I am grateful when it was necessary, he was still when I needed him to be still, he was quiet when I needed to listen. He may not have understood the earthquake, but he knew instinctively that something was in the air.


    You would never know by this morning's glorious sunrise that the devastation of yesterday occurred.


    Of course, being removed from the situation by 230 or so miles does have something to do with it.

    Tokyo is suffering in its own way, though it certainly pales in comparison to those in Sendai and the Miyagi Prefecture. Please continue to keep them all in your prayers, and if you are inclined to do so, visit Yahoo!'s home page and click on Japan Relief for ways you can assist.

    Thank you again friends, for reaching out to us. We are well, we are together, we are safe. We are also fortunate to know all of you!

    My best to you all this weekend.



    12 Responses to “
    The Morning After

    Linda said...

    Beth---So very glad to hear you are all alright and together. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Shannon and the beautiful babes. I know, Madeline is not a baby but she will always be your babe. Love your posts on Southern Blossons. Keep 'em up.

    Ruth said...

    I am so grateful y'all are safe. Much love to all.


    maria said...

    Continue to pray and so incredibly relieved you guys are safe and sound, Praise God! thank you for the updates, keep em coming.

    Suburban Princess said...

    I have been thinking about you all day. I am so glad to hear you are all ok!!

    LPC said...

    Very beautiful.

    Kerri said...

    Tears and wonderment in the normalcy and mundane. May God continue to bless you all as it returns.
    Hugs & Prayers!

    Julie said...

    It's good to hear you guys are taking this in stride. Even my mom is praying for you!

    How about you come back and live in NC soon, ok?

    Farmchick said...

    Thought of you and your family today. Glad to read that all of you are safe.

    Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

    I have been thinking about y'all all day but this is the first chance I had to pop on blogs. I am so happy to know y'all are safe and tucked in sweetly. I was just a puddle watching the news tonight. So many big disasters in a row- Haiti, NZ and now Japan. Takes my breath away and makes it more personal to have a bloggy friend there too.

    Be safe!

    LSU Melanie said...

    Although I have never commented before, I follow your blog and immediately thought of you and your family when I heard the news! So glad to hear of your safety. Many Many prayers coming your way!

    ccc said...

    Beth & family..God is indeed with you all. Just know we are with you in prayer. Your blog is so uplifting and postive.Love...Candy

    Katie@Yoga Gal said...

    Elizabeth, I am so glad and relieved that you and yours are safe. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the people of Japan. God bless you and keep you.