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    Musings On A Monday

    Sunday, March 13, 2011

    Good afternoon all.

    There is so much to say, but when I try to say it out loud it tends to run together in a big mish-mash of nonsense. This is when writing helps. There is no real order to what I'm about to write, but I suspect as I begin to put things down, these thoughts will work themselves out in an orderly fashion.

    First and most importantly...

    ~My family and I continue to be deeply moved by everyones comments and emails. Never have we felt more blanketed with prayer and love. We feel completely covered by your good will and it has lifted our spirits tremendously. What a difference kind words can make! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    ~I have been thrilled to see people offering their thoughts and prayers on their blogs to everyone in Japan. To those who have been pointing others to websites where they can donate money to relief efforts, thank you! Your spirits are so generous.

    ~On the flip side, it stunned me to see some rather popular blogs (none of you sweet friends, I assure you) use this tragedy to talk themselves up or promote their favorite recipe, outfit of the day, etc. In the words of Jennifer Aniston, I think some people are seriously missing that sensitivity gene. I'd never been more floored by such callousness.

    ~In an effort to do "normal" things, my friend Alicia and I went to brunch yesterday...and primarily discussed the earthquake. My friend was great company, and to get out and enjoy the gorgeous day we'd been given was very uplifting.

    ~Eldest's school has been closed until after Spring Break, which means she has an extra five days at home.

    ~This has really given my heart and mind some peace. I was not ready to see her off on a bus this morning. Fifteen days of both children at home? What a gift! Are you sure it's not summer?

    ~Guam is fine, so our vacation next week is still on. I feel selfish saying this, but I'm going to say it anyway: I am so ready to get away and relax with my family.

    ~It's Monday afternoon and we're still experiencing aftershocks. Am I the only one who thought once an earthquake was over, there are a few aftershocks and then it's done? Because I've incorrectly assumed this my entire life! It turns out aftershocks can last anywhere up to a month after an earthquake.

    ~I am officially a fan of the USGS website and have them on my favorites list. That said, reading the most recent earthquake activity is very unnerving. At least I'm informed.

    ~The scallywag is taking a nice nap, and eldest and I are watching a movie together, enjoying some whole grain english muffins with Bonne Maman raspberry preserves.

    ~That last thought was completely inane, but the normal things, the sweet little moments, are just that much more precious.

    ~And they're super delicious!

    Speaking of deliciousness...I'm going to get back to my sweet girl and our movie time. I'll keep you all updated, please keep Japan in your thoughts and prayers.

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    Musings On A Monday

    Ruth said...

    I am glad y'all will still get to go on vacation. I think that will be good for all of you. And enjoy the extra time with Maddy even if it is for such a tragic reason.

    Kerri said...

    Hello from the Deep South!
    I agree with Ruth. I was just talking to my Aunt today about your situation and wondering if you would still be able to vacation in Guam. You deserve it and need it, don't feel one bit guilty! What a blessing to have no school - it would have been too hard to send her off for sure. We had a glorious day here and yet, Japan was in the back of my mind throughout. I have been reminded to enjoy the "precious" mundane moments even more. I admire you and your perseverance. I continue to pray!

    Lisa said...

    I am so grateful for your comment this morning. I hope you understand when I say THANK YOU for easing our pain as so many of us feel so helpless being so far away.
    It is comforting to know that our love, support, and prayers are being felt in Japan. That's all many of us can do is just pray, often and hard.
    I am going to attach your blog post to my post this morning as I believe it is important for many bloggers to read.
    Thank you again and I hope you will stay in touch.
    Lisa and family

    maria said...

    Im so glad you are getting to do some "normal" things.....sounds like that's defintely bringing some rest to your soul and so relieved the kiddos can keep you company. continuing to pray for healing and restoration- hang in there.

    Monograms and Margaritas said...

    I hope it's ok that I mentioned you in my post about Japan. I think your postings have made it "real" for me. I know it sounds silly, but the images on television seem so horrible that I just can't process them as reality. Your posts the past few days and your honest emotions make me see it as it really is. Thank you for that. If you'd like me to remove the link from my entry I will, I should have thought to ask before I posted it.

    I'm thrilled that you get to spend some extra time with your precious daughter.

    Suburban Princess said...

    I am glad to hear you are finding normalcy in all of this.

    Do you need us to send anything to you? I dont know how your area is faring - are stores open? If you need anything let us know!!

    JMW said...

    I've continued to think of you through all of this. Watching the news and seeing the aftermath has been unbelievable. We're collecting money at work for the Red Cross to support the Tsunami victims. While it may not be a huge effort, we felt compelled to do something. I'm glad you and your family can get away for a while - it's good to regroup and be with your loved ones during this time. And how wonderful that you have extra time with your kiddos in the coming days. I'm sure you'll cherish every minute. :)