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    Monday, April 25, 2011

    Contrary to earlier weather reports for Tokyo, Easter Sunday dawned bright and crisp. It was glorious! The sunny morning roused not only our spirits, but the scallywag as well. At 5:30. That's AM, friends.

    It was a good thing, though. There was much to do before Brunch, and we wanted to have fun watching the children play with their Easter goodies before we turned our attention to those preparations.


    As you can see, our little one ran around like crazy this year. Touched by the golden rays of early morning light, he went here and there, collecting the eggs the Easter Bunny had left around the apartment. He was so excited he forgot to take out his pacifier, and he would not wait for his sister to wake up.


    When Eldest did finally emerge from her blanketed cocoon, there were only a handful of eggs left. She had to run like crazy to grab them before her brother.

    It was hilarious to watch! They dashed and dodged one another as they tried to get those last remaining eggs. It was so much fun to them, they played it over and over throughout the day.

    Once all the eggs were discovered, the scallywag would pop one open and with his sister's assistance, unwrap the foil and eat the chocolates hidden inside. It was the first time he'd tasted them and I had to capture his reactions!

    Care to guess how he felt about his chocolate treats?

    happy bebe!!

    Needless to say, he quickly figured out how to unwrap them by himself. There was no way he was going to wait for someone else to do the job for him.

    There was a small part of me that felt badly that the children's breakfast consisted of nothing more than Kisses and organic bunny sugar cookies, but Brunch made up for it in spades. Besides, isn't a small part of Easter supposed to be about the treats?



    Eldest and the scallywag certainly thought so, and on a special day like Easter Sunday, it was good to let the children just be children and take in simple, sweet joys.

    We all took turns preparing for the day, fixing dishes in our teeny-tiny kitchen, with its teeny-tiny oven, and teeny-tiny cooking space. Somehow, we managed to get our drink station and brunch table prepared for friends and family.



    That afternoon we would dine on many delicious dishes! Some prepared by our family, others were thoughtfully provided by friends. Fruit salad with mascarpone cheese, cheese grits, bacon, homemade biscuits, lemon curd tarts with whipped cream, potatoes au gratin, brownies with the most delicious icing. And who could forget the wonderful mimosas and macaroons provided by friends as well?




    pretty purple

    Brunch was wonderful and we kept one another in stitches for hours. We celebrated so much that morning!

    Eldest and the scallywag were, as expected, great while we had company. They charmed our guests and would run off to play with one another in their Easter clothes.


    I think their favorite place to play was under the dining room table. With the extra long tablecloth and food on top, it made for an ideal fort. Filled with toys, the iPad, juice and water, they only came out when one of them had the urge to run around.

    And yes, that would be the scallywag I'm talking about.

    They also came out when it was time to say goodbye.

    Much as I don't like saying them, there is such a good feeling that stays with you after spending time with friends. Don't you just feel happier? Our family is very fortunate to have a terrific circle of friends. It's rare for us all to gather together at the same time, so to have days like Easter, when we're celebrating something so miraculous and joyous, there are no better people we'd rather spend that time with.

    Unless it's family, and hopefully, we'll see them very soon as well!

    A lovely week to you all! We're in the middle of many little things, and hopefully, I'll be able to share some of them with you very soon.


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    Ruth said...

    Glad y'all had a wonderful Easter as well.

    Love ya

    Suburban Princess said...

    Looks like a beautiful day!
    I think you should tell us more about the tiny kitkats tho! I have never seen those flavours!

    Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

    What a fabulous day! You're table looks fabulous and cheese grits...yum! My mom makes them and that is one thing I miss about not spending holidays with her....the lack of cheese grits!

    Your Southern Peach said...

    What a beautiful table and menu you have there! Looks divine. I'm glad you enjoyed such a lovely holiday.