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    Wednesday, April 27, 2011

    I know I haven't been stateside in a while, and while I was I rarely~if ever~went to Kmart.

    Have these been there the whole time? Because I'm a little stumped at how no one is mentioning that there are cute clothes at Kmart.





    Seriously. Who is in charge of their marketing and advertising?

    Kmart has cute clothes. Cute clothes that are also super cheap.

    They're probably cheaply made, too, but I don't know about y'all...I'd spend $29 dollars to wear any one of these dresses until they fell apart. I'd consider it money well spent and saved.

    Do you have places you love to shap for chic clothes at great prices? Tell me about it!

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    Katherine said...

    I will sometimes stop at the Kmart near my father-in-law's house in Columbus, MS. While this particular Kmart is not that organized I have found a few chic items of clothing here and there. They also have some great home items too that I think are more unique than Walmart and even Target. I will have to see if the Columbus Kmart has any of these nice items. I think since Kmart/Sears merged their clothing has surprisingly gotten better. I know Sears even has some cute women’s clothes now and then!

    Elizabeth said...

    Thanks for posting! I love all of those, especially the first one! I need some new clothes and these would be so friendly on the budget!

    Aspiring Kennedy said...

    that green dress is so great!!! their marketing person should be fired, because those are fantastic!

    also, so bummed i missed your amazing giveaway! i've been dying to get my hands on a copy of GP's new cook book. great giveaway!!

    daphne @ flip flops and pearls said...

    OMGosh....wow. I am loving that green dress!

    I hope you are having a great week:)

    Much Love!

    Wildmama said...

    get OUT! I just remember seeing a Kmart ad in my Lucky magazine with a super cute top, but I hadn't checked it out. I'm pretty sure kmart online has a much bigger selection of clothing than the actual store. Thanks for the reminder, who would have thunk?

    Ruth said...

    I wish we still had a KMart in Memphs after seeing those dresses.

    Jackie said...

    I've been meaning to check out Kmart seeing some cute ads in a mag recently (I think Lucky?). Our Kmart is about 20 min. away, so I never really go there. Super cute dresses though! Thanks for mentioning my giveaway!

    Your Southern said...

    Wow! I knew they have been doing a lot to turn around their image but I had no idea they had cute clothes too!

    Thanks for sharing Elizabeth! I must say the green dress is my favorite too :)

    Suburban Princess said...

    Wow! I want that green dress!!