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    A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That & Giveaway Reminder

    Tuesday, April 19, 2011

    Good evening all!

    It's Holy Week in our home and we're preparing to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the new life both he and Easter bring. There may be an Easter Egg hunt somewhere in there, along with a church service and making bunny masks. We do like to keep busy!

    And since we have been so busy, I thought it best to share it through another edition of the "A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That" series.


    ~This weekend Husband and I were invited to have a fun night out with our expat friends. Everyone was ready for an evening in the city. And what better way to celebrate being back in Tokyo than with dinner and dancing? For the most part, our friends had returned and settling back into weekend fun was just what we needed. They're just as important as weekday routines, after all.

    But after a very long week at work, Husband told me to go on ahead. He wanted nothing more than a night in with the children. He'd missed seeing them.

    ~Husband and the children had a very fun time.

    ~So did I! We went to Yakiniku Yansando for dinner. It's a lovely restaurant where you have a 7 course meal and prepare your own meat and vegetables over small grills. The entire experience takes place within a private room enclosed by sliding doors. On occasion, the waitresses replace your grill top with a fresh one. It was fabulous (as was the company).


    Everything from the salad, to the pancake, to the 5 types of beef were delicious. I even enjoyed a drink called a wild hibiscus sour. It was a pretty shade of pink with bits of the flower daintily floating around. If you can believe it, it even tasted pink: tart and sweet.

    Afterwards, we danced the night away at Wall Street. Goodness, let me tell you, there is nothing more fun than a night of fun dancing with friends. I think we're all feeling settled back in.

    ~Remember this Easter table by Eddie Ross?


    I was serious when I said it inspired our own Easter Sunday table, and slowly (oh, so slowly) it is coming together.




    ~This is terrific as we're hosting brunch for our friends this Easter. Brunch has to be one of my favorite meals to host. It's relaxed, it's in the comfort of your home, and if you have children, they can run about and have fun. Did I mention the champagne? There is nothing bad about brunch. Not a single thing.

    ~I was so excited to see some breathtaking early hydrangeas at Nissin the other day. They were within a reasonable price range and after searching for this particular shade for almost a year, it felt like they were the ones meant to come home with us.


    I watched over a beautiful hydrangea last summer for our friends Cayce and John~and I joked that they may not get them back. They were such a unique blend of green and blue. They were well looked after, the children helped to water them, and we all agreed that we'd love to find some with that same pale shade of blue. A year later, and what do you know? All good things, friends.

    ~And speaking of good things, guess what two books are on the way to Tokyo right now?



    Thanks so much, Mom and Daddy! I cannot wait to spend the evenings combing through the pages of these two books. Now did y'all know I actually had a reason for wanting these two books? It went beyond the pretty pictures and southern tales. It seems the author, chef, and storyteller, Martha Hall Foose, grew up in the Mississippi Delta! She learned to appreciate the South by growing up smack dab in the middle of it.

    In case you didn't know, she also opened Bottletree Bakery in Oxford. You maaaayyyy have heard me mention this place once or twice? Perhaps these pictures will refresh your memory:







    We all owe Mrs. Foose a debt of gratitude for returning to her home in the south. A great, big cinnamon roll sized debt.

    Oh...and in case you were wondering, guess who else grew up in the Mississippi Delta? Husband! I'm willing to bet many parts of his life and some of the places in these books crossed paths with those of Mrs. Foose. Wouldn't that be neat?

    ~Picnic's are neat, too. On rainy days like today~when there seems to be no possibility of running around outdoors~I try to make being inside more fun. Take mealtimes for instance. Why sit at the table when you can spread a blanket on the floor, pretend it's the crisp, spring grass, and enjoy your lunch on top of it?


    The scallywag and I did just that.




    It was tons of fun! The little guy enjoyed doing the norm a little differently, and so did I.

    ~Before I head back to the cookbooks and decide on our Easter menu, I want to remind you all to sign up for the giveaway. If this is the first time you're reading about it, welcome! Here is what I'm offering:


    Gwyneth's cookbook!

    If you haven't already, simply leave a comment on this entry and tell me who inspires you and why. If they happen to be a blogger, leave their address as well. It will give you a single entry for this special giveaway, which ends Friday, April 22nd, at midnight central US time. The winner will be announced on the 23rd.

    I've received quite a few entries already, and it has been so nice to see how kind hearted people can be. They've shared openly and honestly, revealing who they admire and why.

    Once the giveaway is over, I'm going to share with you all the blogs of note. Hopefully you'll be just as inspired as other readers have been!

    A lovely evening to you and yours...

    7 Responses to “
    A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That & Giveaway Reminder

    Hines-Sight said...

    The hydranga is beautiful. I love them.

    I have Screened Porches/Sweet Tea book, but have not made anything yet. If you try something in it, let me know.

    Your son is precious.


    Kerri said...

    What a wonderful restaurant adventure! Also, I think it is wonderful that you championed the Gwyneth's "cookbook cause" - haha! :) I totally agree that it is okay for anyone to try anything and all of the critics should find something more positive to focus their efforts on.

    JMW said...

    I love your Easter inspriation table and the sneak peek you've provided - can't wait to see the final product! Yes, brunch is wonderful and anytime you can break out the champagne, well, that makes it even more wonderful. :) I blogged about Martha Hall Foose a week or two ago - I want her cookbooks, too. Did you know she's the table/food design consultant on the film version of "The Help?" Can't wait to see the film for that part alone!

    Wildmama said...

    I found your blog last week, and I'm so impressed with it. I mean you seem so 'normal' to me. By normal, I mean, I could run into you at the park or at the grocery store. And then I find out you are in Tokyo. WOW!! It baffles me. I'm so glad you are safe and sound. I look forward to reading more! I would have found inspiration in this blog:


    check out her spraypainted Bell Jars, so springy!

    Lori Ellen @ Kitchen Doesn't Travel said...

    Those Foose cookbooks look fabulous! Oh how I miss Bottletree Bakery! I was just telling someone about it today.

    Suburban Princess said...

    I love reading that you are enjoying life and having lots of fun!

    Ruth said...

    It looks beautiful!!
    Inside picnics are great.