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    Shades Of Spring

    Thursday, April 7, 2011

    I was going to write one of my "A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That" posts, but I've been feeling inspired by all of the pretty colors surrounding us these days.

    Spring is most definitely here!

    Easter is also right around the corner, but also important to note? My sweet daughter turns 11 on Tuesday! My goodness where has the time gone? I can scarcely believe it.

    Eldest is carefully planning out her special meals, while presents from family are on the way. Next week is bound to be a fabulously special one! And why shouldn't it be? My daughter is a fabulously special person.

    I've always thought it fitting that my two children were born in spring. They're sunny, sweet, they bring the promise of many new and beautiful things.

    Let's take a gander at other sunny, sweet, and beautiful things, shall we?


    These are some of the lovely orchids on display at the Hong Kong Zoo and Botanical Gardens. I'm working on a much longer post on this one since we spent some time with some good new friends. Needless to say, it was a wonderfully temperate day filled with so much of nature's beauty.


    This beautiful table setting by Eddie Ross for Women's Day Magazine inspired our own Easter tableau. I'm slowly pulling it together, and hope to find a pale blue linen tablecloth. Somewhere. Eldest and I hope to make our own modge- podged eggs over the next few weekends as well. It'll be a fun craft for the two of us, and a great way to brighten up this season that has started out so bleak.


    It's been warm enough in Tokyo to wear dresses and skirts without stockings! This has had us pulling early spring clothes to the fronts of our closets. Something tells me it will be a few more weeks until the actual warmth settles in, but we're looking forward to seeing the scallywag in his darling John-John's...


    and Eldest and I cannot wait to wear our dresses from Sam's.


    This quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson really struck a chord. The fact that it was painted in such lovely strokes of color as well as egg-shaped further inspired me to enjoy the season we're in.


    Spring means being able to leisurely wander down the streets in the different areas of Tokyo and enjoy eating at sidewalk restaurants and cafes. The Nico Donut shop isn't bad either! Grabbing a delicious treat is the best way to begin your day. And judging by this sign, I'm not the only who thinks so.


    I was so upset in February to learn I wouldn't be able to make my red velvet whoopie pies since butter milk isn't available here. These gorgeous mini pies in spring pastels completely lifted my spirits! Can you imagine the flavors in these macaroon-esque goodies? Lemon perhaps? Or strawberry? Or maybe they're flavored with a touch of the exotic: mango. Either way, my whoopie pie plans are back on track and I have plans for these little beauties!


    Even though we were in between countries when the Cherry Blossoms initially bloomed, we're fortunate enough to have them spread throughout Tokyo. You'll find smatterings of sakura here and there, but certain parks, such as Ueno, have many~enough to picnic under, in fact. Hanami, or the art of celebrating the blooms with parties under their canopies, was banned this year in light of the Sendai earthquake. But many have still taken the time to quietly appreciate the majesty of these beautiful trees. We've seen quite a few, but look forward to seeing many more.


    Of course, what better way to brighten up a transitional dress than with a colorful Hermes scarf? It's one of my favorite gifts from Husband and I love dressing up the simple with its vivid shades. Scarves are by far one of my favorite ways to add to an outfit~or protect myself from the elements. Jackie and Grace couldn't be wrong, could they? Of course not!

    There are so many shades of spring, and we seem to just be catching onto them. It's another way our lives are returning to the norm. We appreciate these moments, these things of natural or man-made beauty, and take them a little less for granted.

    What shades of spring do you see?

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    Shades Of Spring

    Kerri said...

    I am totally inspired!! I have been devising a different sort of Easter plan...which involves a pirate maps leading to treasured eggs :) I may "borrow" some of your ideas! Love the table!!

    davesanngel said...

    A lack of actual real deal buttermilk is easily fixed! You can make your own using regular milk and vinegar or lemon juice. Add 1 Tblsp. vinegar or lemon juice to 1 c. measure fill with milk and stir in. Let sit on countertop for 5-10 minutes. Voila! Soured milk that substitutes for buttermilk! (If you have access to heavy cream or half and half, you can substitute that for part of the milk for a richer flavor!)

    Katie@Yoga Gal said...

    I thought about you yesterday when I heard on the radio that there had been another earthquake. I hope that you and yours are safe and OK.

    Your Southern Peach said...

    What a lovely post! Best wishes for a very happy birthday to your beautiful daughter.

    My iris are getting ready to bloom here in GA and I can't wait to enjoy their vibrant purple and yellow hues. Also the azalea are in full bloom in pink, purple, red and coral. So lovely.

    Enjoy your weekend.