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    Best Spring Drink Ever

    Sunday, May 1, 2011

    Starbuck's soy and strawberry creme frappucuino.


    It's a seasonal drink in Tokyo, and from what I've heard, made quite differently than the soy strawberries and cream frappe in the States. Crazy, right? Even without knowing what goes into the drinks, just by looking you can see how differently they are made.





    I find it strange that Starbucks would make the same drink so differently in two countries, so if my source was incorrect, please let me know!

    In Tokyo, this drink is carefully constructed with soy milk, fresh strawberries (no syrups or mixes), ice, and topped with strawberry flakes.


    In a word it is divine!

    I bought it for myself, and it was so refreshing and delicious Eldest asked for a sip...



    and never gave it back.


    She was very serious about this drink and asked if we could grab another one the following weekend. Could we? Absolutely dear girl! Anything to have a little extra Mother/Daughter time.

    Any guesses as to what I'm going to do this afternoon after the scallywag wakes from his nap?

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    Best Spring Drink Ever

    maria said...

    This drink looks divine and may I say your eldest looks so darling with her aviators, such a doll!

    The Southern Lady said...

    Thank you Maria!

    Thanks for invitation to Pinterist as well. So cool!

    The drink really is terrific. I was pleasently surprised because I've never had soy milk, but was often put off by the smell. It's so easy to recreate at home, too.

    Thank you for your sweet words about Madeline. She loves her sunglasses!

    Ruth said...

    It looks so yummy. A lot better than the one in the US.
    I think I need I need fashion tips from that stylish niece.

    Mary said...

    Americans are too sugar-obsessed to do something like **gasp** have FRESH STRAWBERRIES rather than the fake strawberry goo used in shakes. Such a shame, because yours looks divine!

    Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

    Reminds me of the Coca Cola museum in Atlanta. The last room has tons and tons of different versions of Coke from around the world. Each country and even different regions have a different make up. Some are sweeter and some sour, etc. The strawberries and cream sounds so delish!