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    A Lovely Little Taste Of Home

    Wednesday, May 4, 2011

    Without a doubt, the one thing I miss most about living in New Orleans is the food. I think about it often, especially when I'm in my own kitchen. How fortunate are we New Orleanians to grow up in a city where the food teases and delights every single time?

    Be it the finest restaurant or a petite cafe on the corner, the food, along with the dining experience, will be one that stays with you forever.

    So take a little journey with me as we enjoy such a petite cafe...deep in the heart of Tokyo!

    It begins on a sunny, unassuming morning. You enjoy your coffee, prepare your children their breakfast, then send your eldest along to school with a kiss and hug.

    You play with your youngest, manage to get a bloody lip from over enthusiastic jumping games, and spend the rest of your morning wincing every time you kiss someone or try to drink something.

    Then the afternoon arrives and with it, your youngest child's haircut. You're hungry, but have to put the needs of your stomach on hold as this hair cut is much needed.

    It goes well, and you, your youngest, and your husband prepare to head to the subway station at Ikebukuro. On your way home you'll probably grab a little snack to tide you over.

    And then you see it...like a beacon of light. You can scarcely believe it as your group of three head to the first floor. It takes a few minutes to arrive at your destination, but once you do, the familiar green and white striped awning beckons you inside.

    Do you know where you are yet? Take a look and tell me if this image means anything to you.


    If you guessed Cafe du Monde you would be correct!


    You may do a happy jig on the side of the street, causing onlookers to smile knowingly, but your husband to look askance.

    He doesn't know this woman dancing on the sidewalk.

    But he does know how much he~as well as the rest of his family~loves beignets. He stays outside with your youngest, snapping pictures with his iPhone while you head indoors to procure the most delicious creation to ever come from a sidewalk cafe.



    The Japanese love hot dogs and add them to every cafe menu. Strange? Perhaps. Or maybe they understand the importance of balancing the sweet with the savory. As a New Orleans gal, you can appreciate that.


    You may be a little preoccupied by the sights and scents of home to notice your Husband taking your picture. Can you see yourself standing at the counter placing 3 orders to go?


    The smell of freshly made beignets make your mouth water the moment you step inside. It's almost like being home again. Even the coffee with chicory brings you back to days spent off of Jackson Square.


    You may be lost in your memories as your order is being prepared. But the moment they set your bag in front of you, the jig recommences. Your waitresses are delighted with your response and ask if you'll take their picture. They want to be remembered for being a part of making you so happy.


    Of course you say yes!

    The trip home seems to take forever, dinner seems to drag, but finally the time arrives. It's time to take the green box out of its bag.


    Carefully you warm your beignets and pour the powdered sugar provided on top. You step back for a moment to appreciate what you have in front of you. Your lovely little taste of home.


    Seeing your favorite childhood snack beneath mountains of powdered sugar has your heart both aching and leaping for joy!

    But enough of being sentimental, it's time to dive in and enjoy these divine treats. You would take pictures of such a wonderful moment, but then you decide...no. Let's leave some dignity intact.

    Let's just say this: each bite melts in your mouth, you're left covered in a powdered sugar mess, and everyone is happy.

    You reflect later that evening how your discovery was truly serendipitous. Your mind is often filled with thoughts of home, but to find a little piece of it in your part of the world was rather amazing.

    Here's to celebrating those little moments of serendipity! Cheers!

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    A Lovely Little Taste Of Home

    rach said...

    That is so great!! I wish I could find a restaurant here in Ireland that served biscuits and gravy and american style waffles. some of my from home favorites. I hope they tasted as good as you remembered! :)

    Anonymous said...

    How fun, and random, to find that in the middle of TOKYO! Little things like that can really do a lot for homesickness.

    Kerri said...

    Isn't it amazing how the right food can bring you right home - no matter where you are? ;)

    sofieV said...

    Hello! I've been reading for a while, but I am a first time commenter. I am a 21 year old student living in Belgium. This summer I (+ boyfriend and his parents) will be visiting New Orleans. Do you have some must see tips for us? All four of us appreciate good food, so if you know some delicious typical southern restaurants, would you mind letting us know? We would love to experience the true New Orleans and not just the tourist version. If you'd like, you can contact me at sofie.verbaeys AT ugent.be
    Thanks so much!

    Ruth said...

    How awesome is that? So happy you found a bit of home.

    love ya