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    Simply Southern Saturdays

    Saturday, April 30, 2011

    Good morning all!

    It is bright and beautiful in Tokyo this morning. Considering I've been up well before the chickens, I'm thankful for these two things. Care to guess who was up bright and early, chipper and giggly, grabbing my slippers and robe, calling out, "Mama, time to wake up!"?

    Sweet boy.

    I have a breathtaking view to look upon today. It helps ease the sleep from my mind...as does a hot cup of Cafe du Monde, and sweet snuggles and laughter from the scallywag.

    You have to love the little things.

    Thank you all for stopping by yesterday and taking a few moments to think of those who were in the paths of the tornadoes. Thank you for keeping them in your hearts and minds, thank you for praying for them.

    I know there was a little something going on in London yesterday that was understandably distracting, so thank you for taking time in the midst of that celebration to think of others.

    I won't lie, initially we weren't too caught up in the hullabaloo surrounding the Royal Wedding. There had been light talk of hosting a cupcake party. Cupcakes with "royal" icings, champagne, fruits, and cheeses. Simple dessert fare.


    It didn't pan out, so we decided to wait for the highlights that would come after. But as we're in Tokyo~prime viewing time, in case you didn't know~we decided rather last minute to tune in. I am so glad we did!

    From beginning to end it was absolutely magical. The warmth, affection, and humor William and Catherine share was evident to all. It was positively electric! We were completely swept up once the broadcast began. It was impossible not to be.

    What thrilled us further were the live Tweets coming from fellow southern blogger, Lauren, of Aspiring Kennedy. Yes, I was all a-Twitter with thousands of others last night. But unlike the majority of we Tweeters, Lauren had front row seats as everyone arrived and you could feel her excitement.

    What's more, one of my middle school friends received a last minute invite to the luncheon afterwards! I don't know who she knows or how that happened, but wow! To be present during all the majesty and celebrations after the wedding ceremony...

    Oh, to be a fly on that wall.

    I hope she returns with great pictures and stories...and maybe Prince Harry's phone number. What? I can't plan ahead for Eldest?


    When the royal festivities began, it was early evening for us, so there was no luncheon. Eldest and I celebrated with a simple tea instead. It's a time honored tradition in our family, and as Eldest is in the third generation to enjoy it, she knew exactly how she wanted it to be. Elegant and understated~much like Princess Catherine!

    Eldest thoughtfully adorned her plate with this pretty hand-embroidered handkerchief she received from Kathleen, of The Benefields.


    Isn't it just perfect for a young lady?

    Usually Eldest keeps it in a very safe place (far away from the grabby hands of her much younger brother). Yesterday, she felt it was perfect for the occasion.

    I couldn't agree more! Eldest even donned a tiara for the occasion.


    Yes, I nearly fell over in shock, too. This doesn't mean she's ready to go super-girly on me, but she was momentarily swept up by the fun as well.

    It's been a real treat to read how everyone celebrated, their observations, and of course, the wedding dress love.

    If you had to recall one moment that made your heart melt or your eyes tear, what would it be? What moment, or moments, from the Royal Wedding thrilled you to no end?

    This post was supposed to be shown yesterday, though for some reason it didn't! Sorry for any confusion.

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    Simply Southern Saturdays

    Ruth said...

    sounds like a fun evening for you and Maddy.

    Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

    The whole wedding was just stunning! I just think it was so amazing when she stepped out of the car and we saw her stunning dress! She is such a class act! Hope all is going well in Tokyo!! :)