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    Simply Southern Saturdays

    Saturday, May 7, 2011

    If it's springtime, and it's Saturday, then we're at a soccer game!


    Whether you live in the South or not, I think many parents find themselves spending most weekends at local parks or schools as their children participate in sports. And while we don't love the hour-long journey to ASIJ, watching my daughter in action is a real treat.

    Eldest has been playing since she was five. The soccer bug bit her and she has yet to stop kicking!

    ASIJ does things a bit differently than schools and organizations in the States. They practice all season then host two tournaments between themselves and other schools. In the Fall we played some Japanese schools, a military academy, and a British school. Today we played the French.


    Eldest and her team were supposed to play against a rather tough Japanese team as well, but the games were called on account of a deluge of this:


    It was raining, it was cold, there were giant ants crawling everywhere, and there was no coffee. It was a rough morning...for me.


    For Eldest, she was a little sleepy as we began our journey to school,


    but the excitement of the games that day quickly woke her up. As always, she was ready to go and have fun!


    She had a great time~especially once the downpour began. All the parents were huddled together trying to keep warm and dry in the cafeteria alcoves, but the children? They were more than happy to stay on the fields.

    The only reason they left was the announcement of lunch. Oh yes, and the rain. The torrential downpour which washed those previously mentioned mutant ants away.

    The rest of the tournament was scrapped once the coaches realized the rain wasn't going to stop. Tired after waking up so early and playing so hard, Eldest was ready.

    Feeling more than a little lethargic, we both spent the long train rides home drying off and trying to stay awake.


    We succeeded! Thank goodness for the wonderful coffee Husband had waiting upon our return. That, plus fresh clothes and hot showers made us feel a little more human.

    Fingers are crossed that the final tournament of the school year~and our time in Japan~is on a day with much better weather!

    A lovely weekend to you all and to all the wonderful Mother's out there, a very Happy Mother's Day.

    4 Responses to “
    Simply Southern Saturdays

    Suburban Princess said...

    What is ASIJ? I am surprised to see so many children from different places!

    The Southern Lady said...

    I don't recall how many countries are represented at ASIJ, but it is a good amount! I believe it's more than 40. And ASIJ stands for the American School In Japan. Happy Mother's Day!

    Bella Michelle said...

    Ah....we are on our way to soccer this morning in South Carolina as well! (((hugs)))

    Ruth said...

    Happy Mother's Day!!!
    Sorry the tournament got rained out.