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    Simply Southern Saturdays

    Friday, May 13, 2011

    When the weather is balmy, and you feel like you're back home in New Orleans in the springtime, it's time to pack up the children for a little playing in the shade.

    Just remember to bring along a chilled beverage to help keep you cool and feeling refreshed!


    Lorina French sodas will do the trick every time! They're ripe with genuine fruit flavor, but free of preservatives and food coloring. There's even a subtle nod to the Eiffel Tower in the charming shape of the smaller bottles. Très adorable, no?

    I drink them every now and then and have been since I was a gal in Louisiana. Back then they were a splurge for me and my allowance. Now they're a treat during the warmer months. My favorites continue to be the Sparkling Pink Lemonade and French Berry. There's something very simple about these drinks, and with each sip I'm taken back to my home in the south.

    You'll be happy to know that they do come in several other delightful flavors guaranteed to quench your thirst for a little something special.

    Give the Blood Orange a try...


    Or the Pomegranate!


    You can even indulge in the classic Original French Lemonade if that's more to your taste.


    Just be sure to give them a try~you will be so glad you did!

    Special thanks to Eldest for offering to lend her picture-taking skills!

    6 Responses to “
    Simply Southern Saturdays

    Suburban Princess said...

    I hope you told the company you blogged about them!

    The Southern Lady said...

    Ahhhh....no? I didn't! I'll go ahead and let them know. Free and good press isn't a bad thing. Thank you for the reminder!

    Ally Garner said...

    Oh gracious, i haven't had a Lorina in years. So delicious! Have you ever had an Orangina? Love those too.

    Thanks for the reminder to put Lorina on my grocery list :)

    The Southern Lady said...

    Ally, I'm normally not a fan of carbonated beverages~I avoid them like the plague. But Lorina, and the poor man's version, Clearly Canadian, for some reason always tasted sooooo good. Maybe it's the fruit flavors?

    I've never had an Orangina! If you're reccommending it, then I'll give it a shot. Now go get yourself a luscious Lorina!

    Andrea said...

    Wow, I never knew that Clearly Canadian was the poor man's version of this drink, which I've never heard of - guess they didn't sell these in po-dunk Texas, where we though CC was the bomb!

    The Southern Lady said...

    Hey Andrea! Believe me, Lroina's weren't everywhere in Louisiana either~and they still aren't. I think that's always been part of the appeal and made it such a treat. Clearly Canadian's were so much easier to find and purchase, and as already admitted, very delicious. But once I had Lorina it just didn't compare. You should try one if you come accross them! I'd love to hear what you think.